Christmas Joy This is a photograph of our sons Stuart and Sandy Jr. on Christmas morning, December 25, 1959.  What memories!  This one was fortunately recorded on film.  There are many others, just as poignant, that are written on our hearts. When you think of it in a scientific sense, an image like this […]

Holding Hands in the Dark

Last Christmas eve, as I was leaving church, I wished everyone a very merry Christmas.  One lady responded by saying that church attendance, especially on Christmas eve, is like “holding hands in the dark.” As we look around and read the headlines, it does seem that the world is a very dark place. Every day […]

Christmas Memories

Last Christmas I shared these memories and thoughts with my church family.  Today I post them on my blog so that I can share with all of you. Christmastime is such a magical and wonderful time of the year. Today I still have that sense of excitement about the season that I first felt as […]

Celebrating Christmas

On occasion people express concerns about Christmas observances in public schools or in the public square.  Some years ago, in Utah,  there was a brief imbroglio resulting from a young woman’s objection to the inclusion of Christian songs in her school’s choral performance.  Since this was during the Christmas season, her complaint caused a bit […]