One of my favorite movies of Christmas time, indeed, of all time, is Scrooge with Albert Finney   It is not only a visual and musical feast, it is a tale of a man’s life gone wrong followed by an amazing redemption. The story plays your emotions like a violin.  You move from a sweet romance, to Scrooge’s unhappy choice, followed by a loveless, barren life.  You experience a feeling of deep sadness followed by an almost indescribable outburst of joy as Scrooge is rescued from his folly.  You only regret that it took him so long to realize the truth about life and love.

Several of Britain’s greatest actors appear in this film, and their performances were outstanding – none more so than that of Albert Finney as Scrooge.  You will never forget it.

Yes, the drama is manipulative.  There are moments of extreme sadness followed by scenes of humor and great happiness.  The audience is toyed with.  Some people will condemn it for that reason.  As for me?  I loved it from the moment I first saw it in 1970.  To the producers and performers, I say “Thank you very much.” 

See it, and decide for yourself.

One thought on “Scrooge

  1. Uncle Sandy:

    Absolutely agree! The Finney Scrooge is my all time favorite as well. We watch it every year. I can’t remember when I first saw it but it certainly was in the early 1970s. The music and dance routines make it special. There are many really great lines and scenes. One of my favorite scene is when Scrooge is in the toy store and has frantically picked out numerous toys. He then ask the toy store clerk how much he owes. The clerk is totally flummoxed. Another great scene happens with the men carrying Scrooge’s coffin out of the house intentionally and with disrespect drop it onto the cart. The lines to the Thank You Very Much song that Tom Jenkins sings while dancing atop the coffin during that scene (if I had a cannon, I’d fire it; but since I left my cannon at home) is priceless. I think we have the original VHS version, then later bought the CD. Thanks for the blog.


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