Global Warning

First, let me say that I believe that our planet is warming.  The evidence is plain before us – gradually increasing global temperatures, melting glaciers and icecaps, etc. etc.  I believe that it is due in part to natural climate cycles and partly to human activity.  I seriously doubt the effectiveness of programs undertaken thus […]

Introduction and Index

Wreck of the Sea Venture 1609 Samuel Jordan was evidently the first Jordan to settle in English America. Some reports say that Samuel was born in Lyme Regis, Dorsetshire, England, and his birth year is given as 1575 or 1578.  Samuel is believed to have been on the ship Sea Venture that shipwrecked off Bermuda […]

God Talk 8

Jesus truly understands the hearts of men.  All of us are weak.  All of us are sinners.  As it is written, “There is no one righteous, not even one.” God gave us His commandments and statutes through Moses and the prophets, but who among us can truthfully say that he or she is innocent of […]

Garbage In, Garbage Out

In computer circles there was an expression “Garbage in, garbage out.” It meant that if you put bad data into a computer, you got bad data out. I am often bemused and disturbed by radical differences in the interpretation of current events by me and some of my friends.  We look at the same national […]

Ghost Riders

Several months ago there was an Arizona Senate authorized audit of voting in Maricopa County.  It was done over a period of some weeks and was very extensive. Part of the cost was defrayed by contributions from interested citizens, mostly Republican, who were convinced that there were election irregularities in November 2020.  Democrat spokespersons have […]

Lake Lucerne

While in Basel we took a daytime rail trip to Lake Lucerne.  The lake is located in central Switzerland and is a major tourist attraction.  The lake itself and the surrounding mountains are quite beautiful, and the four of us enjoyed our visit there very much.  Of course, our tour included a boating excursion. Here […]

Patriot or Traitor

Robert E. Lee Civic authorities recently removed statues of Robert E. Lee from Monument Avenue in Richmond and from a memorial park in Charlottesville.  Many people hailed this move as only fitting.  After all, Lee was a slaveholder, and he was a traitor to the United States.  His actions led to the death of many […]


Basel was our last port of call on the Viking Rhine River Cruise.  The city is situated in north-central Switzerland near the borders of France and Germany.  In fact, the airport that serves Basel is located in France, and we flew from there on our return to the United States. Basel Basel is a beautiful […]


Colmar was our next port of call as we journeyed up the Rhine toward Switzerland.  Colmar is not on the Rhine but lies about 5 miles west of that river.  It is situated on the Ill River some 35 miles from where the Ill flows into the Rhine at Strasbourg.  Like that city, it is […]


After leaving Heidelberg, we continued our slow trip up the Rhine. Our next stop was at the beautiful city of Strasbourg, France.  Strasbourg is in the former Alsace Province, an area now known as the Grand Est region of eastern France.  Alsace became part of France under Louis XIV in the 17th century.  Germany took […]