Truth Be Damned!

During the 1890s a furious controversy erupted in France over the guilt or innocence of Albert Drefus, a French Jewish officer charged with espionage. He was convicted by a French army court, but as it turned out there was incontrovertible proof of his innocence. However, the proof reflected some dishonor on the military authorities, and […]

Introduction and Index

Wreck of the Sea Venture 1609 Samuel Jordan was evidently the first Jordan to settle in English America. Some reports say that Samuel was born in Lyme Regis, Dorsetshire, England, and his birth year is given as 1575 or 1578.  Samuel was on the ship Sea Venture that shipwrecked off Bermuda in July 1609. The […]


Unfortunately for the peace of the country, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died less than two months before a Presidential election.  Preliminary discussions regarding filling her seat on the Supreme Court are already underway. Battle lines between liberals and conservatives have been drawn, and each side is girded for conflict.  I pray there is no violence. […]


I have always been somewhat in awe of other person’s talents.  I am fascinated by the great artist who can produce beautiful melodies from a musical instrument.  I am equally impressed by the man or woman who paints a magnificent landscape or portrait. Over the years I have come to know and appreciate other talents.  […]

Battle for the Mind

Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world. Vladimir Lenin The education of our children is a matter of vital concern to everyone.  Generally speaking, liberal/progressives wish the state to have almost total control over the schooling of our youth.  Through this control they promote their progressive world view.  For […]

Trump vs the Radical Left

Trump is undoubtedly a divisive figure.  He fights back viciously against his political opponents, and he can be very unpleasant.  But who is the greater divider?  I contend that it is the radical left.   They are merciless in their attacks against the President, and they resort to any means, fair or foul, to destroy him.  […]

How Much Can You Hate?

I have never understood the reason so many people hate President Trump so much.  I understand why they dislike him.  He sometimes appears arrogant, vain, and petty.  He does not seem to have a sense of humor, and he suffers from a deficit of magnanimity.  Nevertheless, I see no indication that he is an evil […]

Anonymous Slander

Last week there was considerable journalistic and political furor over a article in The Atlantic magazine claiming that President Trump had referred to our nations fallen heroes as “suckers and losers.” The story was written by Chief Editor Jeffrey Goldberg and was said to be based on several anonymous sources.  The article provoked a strong […]

Postal Politics

Appointed by the Governors of the United States Postal Service, Louis DeJoy began his tenure as Postmaster General on June 16, 2020. Prior to joining the Postal Service, Mr. DeJoy spent more than 35 years growing and managing a successful nationwide logistics company.  He had received some notice as a heavy donor to Republican causes, […]