Miraculous Image

I have written about this before, but I urge you to read and reread this amazing story. Open your minds and your hearts to the truth.  In a recent blog I described the miracle of life.  Today I will describe another miracle.  How did God record the crucifixion and resurrection of His son, Jesus Christ, […]

The Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm was the first volume in Winston Churchill’s multi-volume history of World War II.  I am basically an optimist, and I do not wish to be thought of as a doomsayer, but I am extremely concerned about the current world situation. Europe stands on the precipice of a possible disaster.  Europe is very […]

Laptops and Lies

In April 2019 someone identifying himself as Hunter Biden left a laptop for repair at a computer shop in Wilmington, Delaware.  The laptop was not picked up.  Eventually, the shop owner, Mr. Isaac,  reviewed the contents of the laptop and discovered very disturbing material indicating criminal activities on the part of Hunter.  Some of the […]


Today is my 93rd birthday.  I had no idea that I would live so long.  No one in my family reached this age, and I can probably attribute my longevity to an assist from modern medicine.  I’ve had stints and a bypass and a few medical emergencies of other sorts, but for the most part […]


Christianity is under attack even in many countries considered nominally Christian..  Prepare yourself for persecution.  Nowhere is this danger more evident than in Western Europe.  Paivi Rasanen  has been a member of Finland’s Parliament for 27 years.  She is being tried in a Finnish court for tweeting a Bible verse and publishing a small pamphlet […]

The Great Disruptor

The most amazing thing about Donald Trump is his ability to stir up such intense dislike and hatred among his political opponents.   He is the great disruptor, a focus for their enmity. Their disapprobation also extends to his supporters, those whom Hillary Clinton referred to as “deplorables.” FBI agent Peter Strzok, in a communication with […]

Gender Madness

According to World News Daily, on July 25,  2022, the Department of Health and Human Services announced a new rule that would force insurance providers to pay for breast removal and other transgender surgeries, including such surgery for minors. The Biden administration has evidently decided to go all-in on transgender surgery for children.  Their efforts […]

The Clouds

Have you ever encountered someone so brilliant and erudite that you feared making a comment in their presence for fear of appearing stupid.  In my life I have met only two persons like that, one in college and one at my old place of work. Charles Schultz expressed that feeling very well in an old […]

Reform Congress

I always understood that the two chambers of the United States Congress control their own rules of procedure. Normally a question of Constitutionality is not involved.  This being so, why can’t leaders in the House and Senate change their rules to improve the legislative process?  For example, why not make it a rule that no […]

The Birdfeeder

My son Harold told me of visiting a shop in Lake Lure, North Carolina, last week and seeing an amusing plaque.  It pictured a squirrel saying “Pardon me.  I don’t wish to disturb you, but your birdfeeder’s empty.” As one who has two very busy birdfeeders in his back yard, I thought it quite funny.