From whence do we arrive our concept of beauty? I will never forget going on a fishing boat out to the Gulf Stream, some thirty miles off the coast of Carolina Beach, North Carolina.  I was ten or eleven at the time, and I believe I was the first person on the boat to get […]


  Two weeks ago Joseph Biden appeared to be a dead man walking.  Suddenly, his political fortunes have experienced a revival. Most political observers were surprised by Biden’s impressive showing on Super Tuesday, March 3rd.  On that day the former Vice-President won Democratic primaries in ten states.  Bernie Sanders won only four.  Biden was an […]

Strange Things

  Have you ever experienced a phenomenon for which there appeared to be no logical explanation?   Many years ago, sometime around 1950, my family and I were driving south on a highway near Raleigh, North Carolina.  We were coming out of a rainstorm, and suddenly a white ball slowly dropped from the sky and landed […]

My First Movie

I remember my first movie.  I can still call to mind images from that movie some eighty-five years after seeing it. I was five years old, and my parents took to me to a theater in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina, to see a recently released film, Treasure Island, starring Wallace Berry, Lionel Barrymore, and the […]


  A few days ago I had a brief political discussion with a casual friend.  We stand on opposite ends of the political spectrum, so we usually avoid any exchange of opinions on that subject.  On this occasion, however, I sought her reaction to the Democrat debate that had occurred the previous evening. It was […]

The Hills of Carolina

Asheville, NC  North Carolina extends about 500 miles east to west, from the Atlantic seashore to the Appalachian mountains.  As a young boy I lived about half-way between, near the city of Greensboro; and during the summer we would usually vacation at the shore.  Eventually, my father purchased property at Carolina Beach, and we moved […]

Verily, verily; Truly, truly

Verily, verily.  Truly, truly. Oh, how I long for a bit of honest reporting. Those who hate President Trump are often dishonest in their portrayal of the man.  He is described as a misogynistic racist of the worst sort, and his supporters are often pictured as uneducated cretins.  Yes, Trump has many personal faults, including […]