Aromatic Episode

One evening in the fall of 1975 we had a most unusual experience at our home on Spotted Horse Lane in Columbia, Maryland.  Sandy Jr. was away in New England. Stuart was attending Howard County Community College.  Harold and Robert were at Wilde Lake High School, and Eric had just begun middle school.  The family […]

General Beauregard’s Bones

As a young boy living at Carolina Beach I was fascinated by the protruding bones of a shipwreck lying less than a hundred yards offshore.  We knew that it was a Civil War blockade runner.  Later I learned that the ship was originally christened as the Havelock and launched in Glasgow, Scotland.  During our Civil […]

Ghost Towns

Some months ago I returned from a brief trip through several states in the American South.  As I drove through a few of the small towns I was struck with a sense of loss.  The old cotton mills, tobacco factories, and furniture manufacturing facilities have virtually disappeared, and most small-town residents have either migrated to […]

Justice In Minneapolis

On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd suffered death soon after being arrested and restrained by members of the Minneapolis Police Department.  Like most Americans, I was appalled by images of Officer Chauvin with his knee on the neck of a prostrate Floyd as the latter struggled to breathe.  It was a terrible scene, and it […]

A Good Book

I love a good book.  Almost every evening after going to bed I read for an hour or so.  It’s not heavy reading.  Sometimes I read a bit of history, but usually it’s a novel.  If it is a truly good one, I will probably read it again at some future time.  Some books I […]


When you pause to think about it, the years fly by so swiftly.  Sometimes it feels as though you are living in a dream, but then you realize that what you are experiencing is all too real.  And life is so short.  Our nation is only 245 years old, and I have been around more […]

How Great Thou Art!

Perhaps I posted these thoughts before.  I’m not certain about that.  My memory becomes a bit fuzzy at times.  Anyway, it does no harm to repeat them.  After all, truth is truth.  When I was a very little boy someone told that the sun was much bigger than the earth.  I looked up at that […]

A Passionate Protestant

The photograph above was taken in 1961, several years before the birth of our fifth son.  Ann was in the shopping mall one day with the four boys in tow, and a lady asked Ann if she was Catholic.  “No,” Ann replied, “just a passionate Protestant.”

A Lantern in the Daytime

Pilate said to Jesus, “What is truth?” He did not wait for an answer. On many occasions I have heard it said that young people of today no longer believe in absolute truth.  Truth, they say, is relative.  It also follows that, without absolute truth, there can be no absolute right or absolute wrong, During […]


My wife and I spent July 4th, 1994, with our son Harold and his family in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Janes, our grandson, was seven years old.  Granddaughters Irene and Kira were five and one respectively. They were sweet children, and we enjoyed our visit with the family immensely.  During the visit I remember that little […]