Two days ago we marked the anniversary of a event that President Roosevelt said will live in infamy.  Recently, in Maricopa County, Arizona, we may have experienced another such event. I use the qualifying term “may” simply because I cannot be certain of the facts.  Some say this and some say that.  What is the […]


On the morning of December 7, eighty-one years ago, America was at peace, but we trembled on the brink of the abyss.  In Europe, the Nazi war machine seemed almost unstoppable, and forward elements of the German army were in sight of the spires of Moscow.  Japan had allied itself with Germany and Italy in […]

Social Cohesion

The information contained in this following was extracted from a recent news article in the World News Daily. Some European countries have been influenced dramatically in recent years by Muslim immigrants who choose not to integrate, forming separate societies. In Britain, districts have developed where immigrant communities police their own area and adjudicate conflicts through […]

My Traitorous Ancestors

Young Traitors (As I posted this article, I suddenly realized that I had posted a very similar article two years ago. Please forgive me for being repetitious. It tends to go with age.) My grandfather Jordan and his five brothers all served in the Confederate army.  It disturbs me that today many people try to […]

Hard Choices

I recently reread Robert Louis Stevenson’s  novel Kidnapped and its sequel Catriona.  Stevenson himself is said to have believed that Catriona was his best story. The part that I found most interesting was David Balfour’s struggle to do the right and honorable thing with reference to the murder charge against James Stuart, a man whom […]

A Fairy Tale

I had a friend many years ago who thoroughly disliked the movie Sound of Music.  To him it was too sweet, too idyllic, too unbelievable.  On the other hand, he liked a gritty motion picture about gangsters and detectives.  I told him that the crime movie was just as unbelievable as the musical, and he […]

Repub of a Brilliant Article

The following article was posted on this blog in July 2022 by my son Harold Jordan.  I consider it a brilliant article , perspicacious and thought provoking, so I decided to repost.  I urge you to read or reread.  Comments are appreciated. And I ask each of my sons and grandsons to submit more articles. […]

Our First Child

Sixty-nine years ago, on November 25, 1953,  my wife gave birth to our first child, Edwin Sandy Jordan, Jr.  I was almost ten thousand miles away at that moment, serving with the United States Army in Korea.  I did not see my son for another ten months. This is a photograph of Ann with Sandy […]

The Biggest Lie

Following the 2020 elections, I beat the subject of voting anomalies and electoral chicanery almost to death.  Even before the most recent election fiasco, I was determined to abandon any further discussion of the subject.  Nevertheless, it infuriates me to know that we were cheated in 2020 and that left-wing pundits label me and many […]


I have lived in this country for more than 93 years.  I graduated from high school and college, served overseas in the United States Army, and worked for 37 years at the National Security Agency.  I am a professing Christian, consider myself a patriot, and am proud to call myself an American. I have experienced […]