D-Day, the Sixth of June

Tomorrow, June 6, we mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the invasion of Nazi-held western Europe. Joseph Stalin had been pushing for this cross-channel assault since early 1942, and American military leaders were also eager to get our troops into action against the main German armies.  In 1942 we were not ready.  British strength was […]

Point of View

Some weeks ago a friend sent me an e-mail in which there were several illustrations of how public opinion can be manipulated.  Depending on a camera angle, a news story can be altered to fit the journalist’s own point of view.  A crowd can be made to look much larger than it really is.  An […]


Some citizens, especially those on the political left, are pushing hard for the further democratization of America.  They call for the elimination of the electoral college, popular election of the President, and further measures that would promote the concept of one man, one vote.  I am also certain that many wish eliminate the Senate or […]

The Saga of the Hood

  Seventy-eight years ago, on May 24, 1941, the battlecruiser Hood, pride of the British navy, blew up and sank during a brief exchange of gunfire with the new and powerful German battleship Bismarck.  Over fourteen hundred men went down with the Hood; only three crew members survived. The HMS Hood The Hood was the […]

Arrogance and Love

Nothing distresses me more than arrogance, the offensive display of superiority or self-importance.  I pray that I shall never project this sort of attitude in my interaction with others.  Certainly, I do not feel that way.  The Bible is very clear in warning of the dangers of overweening pride.  Jesus said that to look down […]

Themistocles, Hero of Salamis

How many of you remember the name Themistocles?  He was one of the true heroes of European history, but I venture to surmise that few of you can recall the name and his claim to fame. Nevertheless, his accomplishments were quite remarkable, and he should be honored by all who appreciate genius and courage. In […]