In Pursuit of Justice

A gentleman named Spellman responded to my blog post “Tit for Tat.” I truly appreciate all comments.  He has contributed more than once, and I find his input very interesting and helpful. In my post I bewailed the never-ending investigations into the conduct of one’s political opposition.  Mr. Spellman responded: “Your point is reasonable. Yet, […]

Tit for Tat

A conservative news source announced that House Republican leaders are planning at least seven investigations of the Democrat controlled Congress should they regain control of the House in 2022. I can understand why the Republicans would wish to do this.  Some  recent Democrat party actions have been an affront to good sense and good government, […]

The Car From Hades

 Over the years I have owned many automobiles.  Most I bought new, but occasionally I purchased a previously owned vehicle.  I was fortunate enough to get good service from almost all the cars I bought regardless of whether they were a product of American Motors, Chrysler, Ford or General Motors.  My memories of World War […]


A new language has developed in Federal agencies.  This new language has emerged over the course of many years.  It bears some resemblance to English, but the similarities between English and Federalese appear to be slowly fading. The following bit of Federalese was extracted from a bulletin issued by my old agency some years ago.  […]

Happy New Year 2022

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wow!  I made another one.  1929 to 2022.  As a child I would have considered anyone my age as a true ancient.  Truth be told, there were very few persons of such extreme vintage around in the old days.  Today it is different.  In my own small church I know three people […]

The Lord is Come!

Many years ago I wrote a play entitled “The Lord Is Come!”   It was based on Leo Tolstoy’s short story, “Where Love Is, God Is,’ and we performed it at our church.  It was an affirmation of the presence of God among us. Two days ago we celebrated the birth of Lord Jesus. Our Creator […]

Christmas Images

This photograph was taken during the Christmas season, 2011, and was perhaps the last photograph of Ann, me and our five sons together. 2011 These following two photographs were taken at our Greenway home in 2005.  My dear wife Ann knew how to prepare a feast, and there was always plenty of love to go […]

O Come All Ye Faithful

O come, all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant!O come ye, O come ye, to BethlehemCome and behold HimBorn the King of AngelsO come, let us adore HimO come, let us adore HimO come, let us adore HimChrist the Lord! God of God, Light of LightLo, He abhors not the Virgin’s wombVery GodBegotten, not createdO come, […]