Brazen Defiance?

Washington Post reporter Don Balz stated that the recent Republican Convention “stands out for its brazen defiance of the facts.” Reports from other liberal news outlets echoed the same refrain.  They saw truth being forsaken in the interest of reelecting Trump. I believe Balz and his fellow reporters must have been watching another convention than […]

A Man For the Times

When the race for the Republican presidential nomination progressed in 2015-16, my initial favorites were Joh Kasich of Ohio and Mario Rubio of Florida.  I was familiar with Kasich because of his untiring efforts to bring Federal spending under control in the late 1990s.  He had impressed me with his fiscal expertise, and that was […]

Word Police

Recently a Cleveland, Ohio, radio station fired an employee for referring to Kamala Harris as the nation’s “first colored vice-presidential candidate.”- To me his dismissal appears to be an example of political correctness on steroids. When I was very young, I was taught that the polite term used to refer to a Black’s ethnicity was […]

Survival of the Unfittest

When France entered World War 2 the number of men available for military service was far fewer that it had been in 1914.  Also, the height, weight, and general physical health of enlistees was less than it had been 25 years earlier. The great bloodbath of 1914-18 had taken its toll. The best and brightest […]

An Honest Man

Someone recently posted an item in which he said that a Washington Post fact checker had documented 20,000 lies on the part of President Trump.  Amazing! I  no longer read the Washington Post.  Many years ago I found that paper’s reporting had become so skewed that I could no longer depend on it for accuracy, […]

A Gentleman and a Gangster

Neville Chamberlain, British Prime Minister from 1937 until May 1940, has a poor reputation among most historians.  After all, it was Chamberlain who returned from Munich in October 1938 after a disastrous deal with Hitler and proclaimed “Peace in our time.” The problem for Chamberlain was that he was a gentleman dealing with a gangster.  […]

Sandmann and His Hat

Nicholas Sandmann spoke Tuesday evening at the Republican National Convention. On January 18, 2019, teen-aged Nicholas was one of number of students from Covington Catholic High School in Park Hills, Kentucky who took part in the annual March for Life in Washington, DC. After the demonstrations were over the Covington students gathered in the vicinity […]

Running the Good Race

RUNNING THE GOOD RACE Abraham Lincoln once wrote, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” In addition to power, I would also include fame and wealth. Think of all those beautiful, bright-eyed young people from middle-America who attained cinematic or musical fame and then […]

Trump a Racist?

Herschel Walker gave a powerful testimony for Trump at the Republican convention last night. His image of the man contradicts the charges of racism frequently leveled at the President. I personally know someone who has had dealings with Trump, and he insists that he always found Trump to be fair and considerate in his dealings […]

The Lines are Drawn

The lines are drawn in the Presidential election.  It will be Biden and Harris vs Trump and Pence. There is a sharp contrast. Neither side appears to have a distinct advantage over the other.  Biden seems to be somewhat cognitively impaired, but he was never the brightest of the bright.  Nevertheless, his nomination acceptance speech […]