Spotted Horse Lane

We moved from Berwyn Heights to the new city of Columbia, Maryland, in October 1967.  Ann had been following news of the plans for Columbia several years and was very eager to move there.  I shared her enthusiasm. Ours was one of the first hundred or so families to move to Columbia, and we were […]

How I Got My Name

My father’s name was Robert Saunders Jordan.  His maternal grandfather was Saunders Slate, and he was nicknamed Sandy.  My father was also called Sandy.  That nickname was used so exclusively that eventually he turned his formal name to Saunders Robert Jordan.  When I came along, I was named Edwin Saunders Jordan (the Edwin after my […]

Too Tough for Tigers

  Building a family together with the one you love is not all peaches and cream.  Life can be tough, and marriage takes real commitment, hard work and a touch of humor. My dear wife Ann was very efficient and energetic.  As I admitted to her on more than one occasion, she could outwork me […]

Au Revoir, My Friend

On February 7th I attended a memorial service for a recently deceased friend.  It was a beautiful service, filled with Biblical scriptures, uplifting music, and loving tributes from my friend’s children. The message from the scriptures and from the pastor’s homily emphasized the promise of eternal life.  Jesus said, “In My Father’s house are many dwelling places; […]

Magruder Park

Everyone has stories of family adventures that will never be forgotten. The name of Magruder Park in Hyattsville, Maryland, is written in my memory. Our first experience with Magruder came on July 4, 1962.  Ann and I heard that they had a good Independence Day fireworks display at Magruder, so Ann and I and our […]

A Growing Family

I returned home from Korea in September 1954, and Ann and I began building a home and growing a family.  And the family did grow.  Our son Sandy Jr. was born in November 1953 while I was overseas.  Stuart came along in 1956, Harold in 1959, Robert in 1960, and Eric in 1964.  All the […]