Joy to the World!

    Joy to the World; The Lord is come; Let Earth receive her King: Let every Heart prepare him Room, And Heaven and Nature sing. Joy to the Earth, The Savior reigns; Let Men their Songs employ; While Fields & Floods, Rocks, Hills & Plains Repeat the sounding Joy. No more let Sins and […]

Christmas Memories

Last Christmas I shared these memories and thoughts with my church family.  Today I post them on my blog so that I can share with all of you. Christmastime is such a magical and wonderful time of the year. Today I still have that sense of excitement about the season that I first felt as […]

Celebrating Christmas

On occasion people express concerns about Christmas observances in public schools or in the public square.  Some years ago, in Utah,  there was a brief imbroglio resulting from a young woman’s objection to the inclusion of Christian songs in her school’s choral performance.  Since this was during the Christmas season, her complaint caused a bit […]

Remember Pearl Harbor

There are certain events in your life that stand out above all the others. Hurricane Hazel, the assassination of President Kennedy, the destruction of the World Trade Center are events I remember vividly. Then, of course, there was Pearl Harbor.  That was an event that turned our world upside down. In 1940 and 1941 America […]


When we consider the life of a notable man or woman we often fail to consider the role of energy in his or her accomplishments.  Some individuals have an overabundance of that life force that we call energy.  Others are deficient. I am painfully aware of these energy differences.  I was married to a supercharged […]

Atheists vs the Cross

The Supreme Court will soon decide the constitutionality of a towering cross-shaped memorial to Maryland men who died in the First World War.  In November 2018 the justices agreed to hear a case in which the American Legion is asking the high court to reverse a 2017 Fourth Circuit Court ruling that the memorial violates the […]