A Depression Christmas

 I grew up in the 1930s.  Those were the hard times of the Great Depression.  Of course, I was too young to realize how bad things were; and though people in my community were generally poor, no one was in danger of starvation.  My father was a physician, so we were somewhat better off than the average family.

Even in those hard times, Christmas was celebrated with family gatherings and gift-giving.  It was and continues to be a wonderful time of the year, and little children’s hearts in every home were thrilled with the joy of the season.

As I remember it, purchased games and toys were not much in evidence in the 30s.  Money was not available for non-essentials.  There were a few inexpensive or homemade gifts, but for the most part children learned to create their own entertainment.  They would take an empty thread spool, a matchstick, and a rubber band, and make a little vehicle capable of moving across a hardwood floor.  There were also homemade rubber-guns and other such inventions.

As for me, I would sometimes entertain myself for hours by making elaborate structures with playing cards and wooden blocks. 

There were always things to do and fun to be had.  What wonderful memories!

Merry Christmas!

2 thoughts on “A Depression Christmas

  1. My fondest Christmas memories are of decorating the tree ( a real one of course) and helping Mom bake cookies. These simple joys are still available to the children of today ( I hope).


    1. Speaking of Christmas trees, when I was very young I would accompany my older brother out into the woods behind our village and cut a Christmas tree for our home. Those sort of memories will last a lifetime.

      Thanks for your input, Sharon.

      Merry Christmas!


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