Big Brother is Watching

At Shawnee State University in Ohio, a public university, a biological male student complained because Nicholas Merriweather, a university professor, refused to address him/her as Ms.  The transgender student said he now considers himself/herself to be a female and believed that the professor should address him as such.  The professor professed himself to be a Christian, and he said that his faith forbade him from using the student’s preferred pronoun when, to all outward appearances, the student remained a male.  To him, it was a matter of conscience.

The student took his complaint to university officials, and they insisted that Merriweather comply with the student’s wishes.  The professor offered a compromise and said that he would address the student only by name.  The university said no to that suggestion.  Merriweather then said he would address the transgender as Ms or Miss if he was allowed to explain in the syllabus that the university was requiring him to use a student’s preferred mode of address.  Again, the University refused his offer of compromise and threatened to fire him.

Meriweather, represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom, appealed to the courts.  The suit was originally rejected by a lower Federal court, but a three-judge panel of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unanimously in the professor’s favor and reinstated his lawsuit.

Shawnee State refused to issue a statement because of pending litigation.

Are you a professing Christian?  When are they coming after you? 

Believe me, my friends, we are in a battle to save our Judeo-Christian heritage and western civilization itself.

Never give up!

One thought on “Big Brother is Watching

  1. So long story short, Shawnee State University now believes that a student’s >wish< trumps the US Constitutional Right of Religious Freedom of a professor there. This is a typical example of how out of touch with reality that modern universities (and many other institutions) in the US have become. Let's hope that this case makes it to the US Supreme Court, And before that liberal Democrats can stack the USSC with more "Progressives"!

    RIDICULOUS demands from transgenders, and other SPECIAL classes of people, are exactly why I am adamantly opposed to giving them "Rights".

    As George Orwell famously wrote in the book 'Animal Farm', "All animals are equal; but some are MORE equal than others!"

    In the case of Shawnee University and in tens of thousands of other cases all over the country, the bizarre wishes of a few Special people with their "Rights" has suddenly become MORE important than the US Constitutional Rights of the rest of us.


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