Spiritual Warfare

British-American author and commentator Andrew Sullivan recently made a few cogent comments about recent controversies between traditionalists and the LGBT community. He thinks the current debate is not about being pro or anti- transgender.  Gays and lesbians and transgenders are already protected under civil rights laws, and most people are willing to let them live […]

Rage in Loudon

There has been a great imbroglio in Loudon County Virginia schools of late because of LGBT issues and two reported sexual assaults by a transgender student.  The details are not entirely clear.  Under Federally mandated Title IX regulations, identities and reputations of the possible perpetrator and his/her victims are protected while the facts are investigated.  […]

Banned Prayer

In some young people sexual identity may not be firmly established.  A person is born as a biological female or biological male, but there may be environmental or other forces working on them to change their sexual identity.  If these pressures are strong enough, they might create a condition known as gender dysphoria, a term […]

The Asylum

There is an old story about inmates taking over an asylum.  We laughed at the thought, but we can laugh no more.  It has finally happened. Girls are becoming boys and boys are becoming girls.  Others claim to be neither male nor female but something in between.  Most members of the Democrat Party have taken […]

Wagging the Dog

The expression “The tail wagging the dog” is an idiom that refers to something big, important or powerful being controlled by something much less so. Biological males who identify themselves as transgender have a great advantage in certain women’s sports.  With the support of LGBT activists and their progressive allies in politics and the media, […]

Big Brother is Watching

At Shawnee State University in Ohio, a public university, a biological male student complained because Nicholas Merriweather, a university professor, refused to address him/her as Ms.  The transgender student said he now considers himself/herself to be a female and believed that the professor should address him as such.  The professor professed himself to be a […]

At the Gates

Wake up, you defenders of liberty.  The enemy is at the gates. I discovered this article on the internet, but I do not know who wrote it and from what source I extracted it.  I have tried in vain to locate it again.  It is so good that I decided to print it verbatim.  My […]

The Assault Continues

The war on traditional cultural norms never ceases.  In previous posts I wrote about “LGBT Issues” (Nov 6, 2018) and “The Real War’ (Oct 29, 2019).  Recently, the Democrat controlled House of Representatives put the so-called Equality Act high on its list of priorities, and its effect could be devastating to Christians in America.  In […]

Nature vs Nurture

The nature vs nurture debate rages on.  Nowhere is it more evident than in  changes in people’s attitudes about homosexuality and their reaction to recent challenges to  traditional  definitions of gender.  It is a muddled world out there.  The fundamental question is the extent to what particular aspects of our behavior are a product of […]

LGBT Activism

This post contains thoughts that I have expressed in previous articles. The LGBT community is relatively small but extremely active.  Regarding the modern era, until the latter half of the 20th Century it had only existed in the shadows of Western society. Now it is in the open.  It has strong support from the entertainment […]