Banned Prayer

In some young people sexual identity may not be firmly established.  A person is born as a biological female or biological male, but there may be environmental or other forces working on them to change their sexual identity.  If these pressures are strong enough, they might create a condition known as gender dysphoria, a term used to describe a sense of unease, sometimes very intense, when there is a mismatch between a person’s biological sex and their gender identity.

In these muddled times, gender identity problems continue to remain relatively rare; but they appear to be growing in frequency and intensity, perhaps because of the work of LGBT activists.

Studies have shown that a vast majority of children with sexual identity issues eventually grow out of them and accept living in their unaltered biological body.  On the other hand, young people who undergo sex conversion therapy (surgery or drugs) often regret their decision.

LGBT spokespersons in the United States and Great Britain express vigorous opposition to any counseling that encourages children to accept their biological sex.  They insist that only counseling that encourages gender conversions should be allowed.  A British LGBT activist has even demanded that gentle, non-coercive prayer by Christians be banned if the prayer indicates some bias against sex conversion therapy or the LGBT lifestyle.

This reminds me of the LGBT position on homosexual counseling.  Members of the gay and lesbian community think it good and proper to counsel someone to abandon a heterosexual lifestyle, come out of the closet, and identify himself or herself as a homosexual; but they consider it absolutely abhorrent to counsel an unhappy homosexual to adopt a heterosexual lifestyle.  If fact, some jurisdictions have passed laws forbidding such counselling.

Unfortunately, in the United States, the LGBT community usually has unwavering support from members of the Democrat Party.  Conservative Republicans often stand in opposition to their agenda.

The culture wars rage on.

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