Years ago I was working in a government agency that received a large infusion of money as part of a Defense Department build-up.  Overnight, the key to being judged a good executive became one’s ability to spend money.  Heaven help the manager who failed to spend all the money in his allotment; and in Orwellian doublespeak, “If you were rewarded for wasting a lot of money doing something of little value, get even more rewards and less value by wasting more.”

I am reminded of those crazy times by the recent conduct of the Biden Administration.  The President and his financial advisors have gone mad.  Even Orwell would have been astonished by the latest examples of doublespeak.

Biden’s spokespersons are making the absurd claim that the Democrat’s proposed 3.5 trillion-dollar spending plan can be executed at zero cost.  And the 3.5 trillion would be on top of a trillion dollar plus infrastructure bill and the regular budget – more than 5.5 trillion total.   How will the Democrats perform such magic?  They plan to do it by the process of Orwellian redefinition.   They say that an expenditure is not an expenditure so long as it is paid for by those citizens making over 400 thousand dollars per annum. 

I doubt that those paying the bill will agree that it is zero cost.  Also, the Federal government will never get enough money out of the high-earners to cover that amount of spending.  Everyone will pay, and the economy will be severely crippled.

Instead, why not plant more money trees on Capitol Hill or catch more gold egg laying geese?  It makes just as much sense.

P.S.  I am happy to report that the latest news from Washington indicates that the 3.5 trillion spending plan has encountered serious opposition from some more moderate members of the Democrat caucus.  Nevertheless, Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi are not yet willing to give up their attempt to bankrupt the country.   

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