Spiritual Warfare

British-American author and commentator Andrew Sullivan recently made a few cogent comments about recent controversies between traditionalists and the LGBT community. He thinks the current debate is not about being pro or anti- transgender.  Gays and lesbians and transgenders are already protected under civil rights laws, and most people are willing to let them live […]

Banned Prayer

In some young people sexual identity may not be firmly established.  A person is born as a biological female or biological male, but there may be environmental or other forces working on them to change their sexual identity.  If these pressures are strong enough, they might create a condition known as gender dysphoria, a term […]

The Asylum

There is an old story about inmates taking over an asylum.  We laughed at the thought, but we can laugh no more.  It has finally happened. Girls are becoming boys and boys are becoming girls.  Others claim to be neither male nor female but something in between.  Most members of the Democrat Party have taken […]

The Assault Continues

The war on traditional cultural norms never ceases.  In previous posts I wrote about “LGBT Issues” (Nov 6, 2018) and “The Real War’ (Oct 29, 2019).  Recently, the Democrat controlled House of Representatives put the so-called Equality Act high on its list of priorities, and its effect could be devastating to Christians in America.  In […]