Spiritual Warfare

British-American author and commentator Andrew Sullivan recently made a few cogent comments about recent controversies between traditionalists and the LGBT community.

He thinks the current debate is not about being pro or anti- transgender.  Gays and lesbians and transgenders are already protected under civil rights laws, and most people are willing to let them live their lives without interference.  The real debate is whether a tiny group of fanatics, backed by the liberal press and supported by every major cultural institution, can compel or emotionally blackmail the general public into accepting the false premise that gender does not matter. These fanatics are attempting to dismantle the concept of binary sex altogether and remove any distinctions between men and women, thus creating the gender-free, utopian society of their dreams.

The weapons deployed in pursuit of this fantasy are those that are always used by those seeking to impose teir radical ideas on free people: the brutal hounding of dissent, the capture and control of every single cultural institution, the indoctrination of the young, cancellations, bullying.

As for me, I agree with Sullivan and believe actions of the extreme leftists to be absolute madness.  It is an assault on Truth itself.  The success of these leftist fanatics would deal a grievous wound to Western civilization (and to Christendom) and bring on a winter of darkness and despair followed by riots and revolution.  Utopia would become dystopia.

We struggle not against flesh and blood.  This is spiritual warfare.

Dear Lord, strengthen us!

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Warfare

  1. I don’t know how to direct others to a subscription to these posts.

    I use the same ID on Twitter and GETTR, if that makes it easy to text me. But I did check the “Notify me of new comments via email.” *smile šŸ˜ƒ


    1. I don’t know about a subscription. but it should be easy to access the jordans-journey.com website and then put it on one’s favorite list. That should work.


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