Big Brother is Watching

At Shawnee State University in Ohio, a public university, a biological male student complained because Nicholas Merriweather, a university professor, refused to address him/her as Ms.  The transgender student said he now considers himself/herself to be a female and believed that the professor should address him as such.  The professor professed himself to be a […]

Name Calling or Solution Seeking

Ogden Nash once remarked, “We’ve made a lot of progress lately.  I’m not certain that it is always in the right direction.” I often think of that remark when I consider the so-called liberal-progressive movement in the United States. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Benjamin Carson recently visited California as the Federal government considers […]

Important Post

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has promised to pass the new Equality Act.  Do you understand what is in it?  I urge you to read the my post, “LGBT Issues.,” that I wrote in early November but am republishing today.  Also read the following article by Emilie Kao, Director of the Richard and Helen Devos Center for […]