The Asylum

There is an old story about inmates taking over an asylum.  We laughed at the thought, but we can laugh no more.  It has finally happened.

Girls are becoming boys and boys are becoming girls.  Others claim to be neither male nor female but something in between.  Most members of the Democrat Party have taken up the banner of these poor, delusional individuals, and so has a majority in the media, academia, and the entertainment industry.  The world has been turned upside down.  It has all taken place in a few short years.  Who could have believed it possible?

A male weightlifter is competing as a female weightlifter in the coming Olympic games.  Only few years ago he/she was competing as a male.  And the madness is spreading. National and international women’s sports are confronting a growing dilemma.

Children are sometimes being coerced into sex-change therapy at an early age despite growing evidence that those involved are often likely to later regret such action.  Some hospitals have stopped performing sex-change surgery, but the availability of gender bending drugs is spreading, and they are widely used.  

In certain areas of the country, there is no longer any distinction between male and female insofar as access to public toilets, bath facilities, etc.  Attempts to impose gender access restrictions in other jurisdictions have been met with massive criticism and boycotts.

A few years ago, if a male believed himself to be a female, he would have been considered deranged. Likewise for a female considering herself to be a male. Medical attention would have been directed toward treating or correcting the delusion.  Today we are taking an opposite approach.  Instead of treating those persons with gender delusions, all of society is now being urged (or even forced) to adjust its social customs and mores to accommodate the deranged ones.

Yes, it’s really true.  The inmates have taken over the asylum.   

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