Help Me Understand

There are many things I cannot understand.  Much of my confusion relates to the nation’s current political divisions.

I believe that the election results in several critical states need to be verified.  On the other hand, there are prominent people whom I respect who seem to think that the whole exercise is much ado about nothing, and there were no serious problems in the recent Presidential election.

Who is right?  There is considerable pressure to stop the audits and the recounts.  Why should we do that?  I still want answers. Will we ever learn the real truth – the whole truth?

Another mystery to me is why Hunter Biden has not been charged with a federal crime.  The Justice Department has had possession of his laptop for over a year.  Those portions of its content that were revealed made it appear that the young Biden was selling himself (his access) to certain unsavory interests in the Ukraine and China.  The whole business reeks of corruption.

Is that perception true, or is Hunter Biden an innocent man?  I tend to doubt the latter.  When will this matter be resolved?

Please, good people, help me understand.  What are the answers?

I want to believe in justice.  I want to trust my government.

As it stands now, I cannot, and it is a terribly uncomfortable feeling.

One thought on “Help Me Understand

  1. I’m in total agreement. Crooks and crooked people in government and in the election process have been with us since the founding of the republic. What bothers me most is the utter failure of the press to report news instead of publishing editorials disguised as news. These so-called journalists professionals have abrogated their duty and responsibility under the Constitution to present to the public an unbiased (as much as possible) report of the news. Their reports can not be trusted. They cover for crooks and print stories they know to be untrue. This to me is one of the most dangerous periods of our country’s history largely due to this misdeed.


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