Voter Supression

The Democrats often accuse the Republicans of voter suppression.  Senator Schumer makes these charges as he pushes HR1 (The For the People Act) to give the Federal government greater control over the electoral process.  The danger of further concentration of power in Washington, D.C. is frightening to me.  Is this act needed to protect voter’s […]

Term Limits

We need term limits for our representatives and senators!  We need them yesterday! The present system is broken.  Once elected, a person elected to the United State House of Representatives must immediately begin working on reelection.  The reelection campaign will start less than a year after the representative takes office; and to be reelected, he […]

Help Me Understand

There are many things I cannot understand.  Much of my confusion relates to the nation’s current political divisions. I believe that the election results in several critical states need to be verified.  On the other hand, there are prominent people whom I respect who seem to think that the whole exercise is much ado about […]

Reform or Repression?

In recent days there has been much furor over the new Georgia election laws.  The Democrats cry voter suppression, and there are calls for a boycott against the state of Georgia, its people, and the companies headquartered there. The usual liberal coalition is arrayed against Georgia.   Answering the call, major league baseball has decided to […]

Elections: Electoral Districts

To many of you, the following information will appear rather elementary; but there are others, just as intelligent, who are ill-informed about these things.  This is for you. During the recent election, in addition to choosing a President, Vice President, and a third of our senators, we also elected or reelected all members of the […]


Today I voted by means of an absentee ballot. I favor giving every adult citizen (excepting convicted felons) the right and the opportunity to cast a ballot. I enthusiastically endorse voter education efforts Polling places should be readily available, and the process of voting should be made as easy as practicable without threat to the […]

Political Turmoil

Much of the following is a repeat of things I have written before, but I feel impelled to write them again.  These are perilous times for America, and it is the time for decision. The nation has been in a state of political turmoil since the day Donald Trump was elected President.  Many people blame […]

A Man For the Times

When the race for the Republican presidential nomination progressed in 2015-16, my initial favorites were Joh Kasich of Ohio and Mario Rubio of Florida.  I was familiar with Kasich because of his untiring efforts to bring Federal spending under control in the late 1990s.  He had impressed me with his fiscal expertise, and that was […]

Elections: The Electoral College

There have been frequent complaints about the electoral college and the fact that our President is not chosen by popular vote.  In compliance with the Constitution, each state receives an electoral ballot for each U.S. senator and one for each of its  representatives in Congress.  How the state chooses its electors is up to the […]


  Two weeks ago Joseph Biden appeared to be a dead man walking.  Suddenly, his political fortunes have experienced a revival. Most political observers were surprised by Biden’s impressive showing on Super Tuesday, March 3rd.  On that day the former Vice-President won Democratic primaries in ten states.  Bernie Sanders won only four.  Biden was an […]