Today I voted by means of an absentee ballot.

I favor giving every adult citizen (excepting convicted felons) the right and the opportunity to cast a ballot.

I enthusiastically endorse voter education efforts

Polling places should be readily available, and the process of voting should be made as easy as practicable without threat to the integrity of the ballot.

When a person casts a vote in person or by means of an absentee ballot, there should a fraud free voter identification procedure.  One’s vote is too precious to allow for its potential abuse.  Anyone who insists that election fraud is not a potential problem is either dishonest or deluded, and I cannot understand why any reasonable and disinterested observer would object to a voter ID requirement.  

I am somewhat suspicious of overly strenuous “get out the vote” efforts.  Once we have made ample polling places available and absentee voting procedures are in place, the necessity for action lies with the individual.  Educate and inform them as much as possible. As for those citizens not interested in the candidates or issues, I suggest that it would be much better for them to stay home.

I am very concerned when someone drives to skid row on election day and transports a busload of street people to a polling station.  After listening to numerous “man in the street” interviews, I know that many of these people would not have the slightest idea of who or what they are voting for.  

Some on the left would accuse me of favoring voter suppression   I contend that I favor common sense and good government.      

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