Political Turmoil

Much of the following is a repeat of things I have written before, but I feel impelled to write them again.  These are perilous times for America, and it is the time for decision.

The nation has been in a state of political turmoil since the day Donald Trump was elected President.  Many people blame Trump for our civil disorder, and to some extent they are correct.  Trump’s careless and intemperate language, sometimes churlish persona, and unorthodox management style contributes to the chaos, and he does little to calm us.  He is a poor communicator.  But Trump is not the only one at fault.  I believe his opponents are even more to blame for the political and social unrest that grips our country.

Even before he assumed office, he was under attack from those who wished to delegitimize his Presidency.  He was falsely accused of collusion with Russia, and when that two- year investigation failed to produce evidence against him his enemies resorted to other spurious charges leading to a purely partisan impeachment.

Then came the disruptive pandemic followed by the outbreak of racial rioting in America’s great cities.  Perhaps there was nothing Trump could have done to avoid these situations, but he is the man in charge and carries some of the blame.  His political opponents constantly accuse him of an inadequate and uncaring response to the pandemic and to racial unrest.     

The mainstream media and the Hollywood elite coordinate with the Democrats in attacking Trump’s character and his accomplishments.  Never has a President encountered such severe headwinds as he attempts to govern our nation.  Many of the charges directed against Trump are obvious fabrications, but the steady stream of criticism has its effect.  Every day it appears that he must fight against new and even more slanderous charges.  Under such duress, it is amazing that he has been able to accomplish as much as he has.  His administration’s goals have been generally positive, and he pursues them with incredible energy.

Now is the time for decision.  Do we give Donald Trump another four years in office, or do we elect Joseph Biden, a man who has been part of the Democrat Party establishment in Washington for the past half-century.  The former vice-president has few notable accomplishments and has accumulated a personal fortune for himself and family under questionable circumstances.

Attempt to penetrate the mists and discover the truth.  Ignore the political charges and countercharges.  Judge between Trump and Biden not on their words but on their records of public service.  Examine their records carefully. What has each of them actually done for our nation? Also, I suggest that you take a very close look at the platforms of the Democrat and Republican parties.

Many of you are already receiving your ballots and trying to decide for whom you will vote.  I urge you to think carefully.

Only then should you cast your ballot.

One thought on “Political Turmoil

  1. Sandy, your frank analysis of Presidnt Trump first made me feel you were too critical,However, after reading the entire blog you seemed to “right the ship.” President Trump , a business man, not trained for political dialog, has acccomplished so much more than Biden in all the many years he had the opportunity to help the most needy of our society. He helped himself, family and other politicians like minded.


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