Do You Know Joe?

On numerous occasions I have criticized President Donald Trump.  He has many personal faults and sometimes does things that deeply disturb me.  He is also a terrible communicator. However, as I have also pointed out, I generally approve his agenda, and I am somewhat amazed by his energy and accomplishments in the face of unrelenting […]

Will the Truth Come Out?

In this post I copy a recent WND op-ed by Lt. Col. James Zumwalt, USMC (Ret).  I usually do not quote other writers to this extent, but I believe that Zumwalt provides a succinct and cogent description of some of the major political events that produced headlines over the past few years.  His viewpoint is […]

Lord, Help Us!

Recently, highly respected General Mattis made some critical remarks about his former boss, President Trump. Unfortunately, Trump could not simply shake these criticisms off. After all, if he gets out of bed he will be criticized. In reply to Mattis, Trump resorted to his usual method of hurling a few mean barbs in the general’s […]

Polite Politics

  President Trump continues to disturb many of his supporters by his petty vindictiveness and his frequent violations of the norms of polite political intercourse.  There are others, of course, who cheer him on. They are delighted that they finally have a fearless leader who is willing to fight back against the scurrilous attacks from […]

Dysspeakia – A Newly Identified Neurological Disorder

  Dyslexia – Dyslexia is defined as chronic neurological disorder causing one great difficulty in learning to read or spell, despite a normal intelligence. It inhibits recognition and processing of graphic symbols, particularly those pertaining to language. Symptoms may include very poor reading skills, reversed word and letter sequences, and illegible handwriting. Dysgraphia – Dysgraphia […]

Trump the Racist?

Trump has been accused of being a racist since he first began to campaign for president in 2015. Of course, some Democrats seem to believe that all Republicans are racists. When Joe Biden entered the Democratic primary, he referenced the Nazi/white supremacist protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, and Trump’s response to it as the reason he […]

I Would Rather Walk

  Ronald Reagan was a very popular President, and many Americans continue to honor his memory.  Of course, he had his enemies, and his ideological opponents actually hated him and vilified him.  Their scathing attacks were frequently blunted by Reagan’s basic affability and sense of humor.  Somehow, no matter the gravity of the moment, he […]

Trump Bashing

  The vilification of President Trump in the mainstream media and by Hollywood celebrities continues,  CNN host Anderson Cooper said last week that President Donald Trump “acts like a drunk in a bar” during his daily press conferences.  MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell chimed in with the opinion that Trump is a straight up “sociopath.”  (A […]

Change of Course

I have no inside knowledge, and I am certainly no expert;  nevertheless, I believe that toward the end of April our national leaders will need to make a very difficult decision about a new way forward in dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic.  Thus far we have confronted the problem with a policy of social distancing […]

Muddled Communications

This morning, March 30, 2020, I listened to portions of an exchange between President Trump and members of the Fox & Friends morning news team.  This session convinced me more than ever that our President is terribly inept in expressing his thoughts in a tight, cogent manner.  Each question addressed to him resulted in a […]