The Breonna Taylor Affair

The Breonna Taylor affair is a perfect illustration of the warped news coverage being fed to the American public.  Truth is often lost in the roar of the mob.

Insofar as I can determine, the facts of the case are as follows:

Louisville police were investigating Jamarcus Glover and Adrian Walker for dealing in illegal narcotics.  Glover had dated Breonna Taylor some time before, and police suspected that Glover had recently received drugs at Taylor’s apartment.  An automobile registered to Glover was parked in front of Breonna’s home on several occasions.  Based on this evidence, police obtained a warrant to search Breonna Taylor’s residence.

When the police arrived Breonna Taylor and her friend Kenneth Walker were in the apartment.  Walker said that the police entered the apartment without knocking and without identifying themselves.  Several of Taylor’s neighbors agree with Walker’s statement, but one nearby observer said that the officers did identify themselves and knock before entering.  The police insist that this observer’s version was accurate and that they shouted “Police!” and knocked three times before breaking into the apartment.  We cannot know which version of events is true, but we should give Louisville police the benefit of the doubt. We certainly know that they did not enter the apartment with the purpose of murder.

Kenneth Walker was licensed to have a firearm, and when the police entered the apartment Walker says that he assumed they were criminals.  He opened fire and struck one of the policemen.  The police returned fire in the dark apartment, and Breonna was killed.

It was a sad business, but can we really blame the police for what happened?  Breonna was an unfortunate victim.  I do not believe that we should condemn the three officers who were simply carrying out their assigned mission.  Obviously, there was no intent on their part to harm Breonna

Perhaps law enforcement procedures should be changed to minimize the chances of this sort of incident occurring, but please do not damn these policemen for doing their duty.  We need the police!

The Breonna affair has become another excuse for rioting and mayhem, but justice will never be achieved that way.  What would be a good outcome in this case?  Punishing the officers involved would only be piling an injustice upon a tragedy. 

Much of the civil unrest over this case is caused by the incendiary words with which the left-wing media and its allies distort the news.  Meanwhile, agitators within Antifa and BLM seek to burn everything down.  

Wake up America!  Don’t allow these people to destroy us.

One thought on “The Breonna Taylor Affair

  1. I agree with what you have stated. But let’s not forget that the city of Louisville, recognizing that this was an unfortunate accident and assuming it’s responsibility, has offered a $12 million settlement to her family. They did this in record time for a city government!


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