Trouble in Kenosha

Kenosha Riot 2020 How many of you have followed the case of Kyle Rittenhouse, now on trial for murdering two protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin, during the turbulent summer of 2020? Reactions to the incident and to the trial provide a vivid illustration of the cultural and racial issues that divide America.  Some people consider Rittenhouse […]

A Great Idea

My son Stuart recently informed me that he has enrolled as a police auxiliary in the town of Prescott, Arizona.  As a member of Citizens on Patrol, he won’t be carrying a firearm or be writing tickets, but he will be patrolling neighborhoods and parks, providing assistance at accident scenes, checking in on empty homes while folks […]

Tragedy In Minneapolis

On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd suffered death soon after being arrested and restrained by members of the Minneapolis Police Department.  Like most Americans, I was appalled by images of Officer Chauvin with his knee on the neck of a prostrate Floyd as the latter struggled to breathe.  It was a terrible scene, and it […]

The Race Debate

The debate about racism rages on in America.  Many leftist thinkers accuse our nation of being systemically racist.  Is that charge true?  When Barack Obama was elected President in 2008 I was very hopeful that his administration would usher in a period of greater racial harmony.  In fact, the very opposite occurred, and racial relationships […]

Finally Over?

Too bad the election season is ending in riots.  There is no excuse for violence.  We are a nation of laws.  The law gets it wrong on occasion, but we must accept its decisions.  Trump alienated many of his supporters by his refusal to accept a result that appeared inevitable. Now, after the outbreak of […]

The Breonna Taylor Affair

The Breonna Taylor affair is a perfect illustration of the warped news coverage being fed to the American public.  Truth is often lost in the roar of the mob. Insofar as I can determine, the facts of the case are as follows: Louisville police were investigating Jamarcus Glover and Adrian Walker for dealing in illegal […]

Truth Be Damned!

During the 1890s a furious controversy erupted in France over the guilt or innocence of Albert Drefus, a French Jewish officer charged with espionage. He was convicted by a French army court, but as it turned out there was incontrovertible proof of his innocence. However, the proof reflected some dishonor on the military authorities, and […]


  In these troubled times it is often difficult to discern truth from falsehood.  It is made even more difficult by the all too obvious bias of those who bring us the news.  However, if we assiduously and honestly search for truth we can find it.   The following are truth statements.    First are […]

With Whom Do You March?

  (I owe some of the following thoughts and facts to an article by Fred Lucas recently published in The Daily Signal)   Why do you march? In your anger you shout “No justice! No peace!” What is this justice that you seek?  Derek Chauvin and the other Minneapolis police officers involved in the death […]

Stand Up For America!

Several years ago I wrote an essay on Race and Racism in America. I failed to get anyone to print it, but I still believe that it was an accurate and fair description of our troubled racial past and our current situation.  I urge you to read it.  You can find it on the web […]