Finally Over?

Too bad the election season is ending in riots.  There is no excuse for violence.  We are a nation of laws.  The law gets it wrong on occasion, but we must accept its decisions.  Trump alienated many of his supporters by his refusal to accept a result that appeared inevitable. Now, after the outbreak of violence, he appears willing to leave office peacefully.

The 2020 elections are finally over. At least I hope so.  Joseph Biden is scheduled to take office on January 20.

I am convinced that massive fraud took place and Trump was probably the actual winner.  I know, however, that many disagree with my assessment.  Our nation is split on this issue, and one’s opinion largely depends upon his or her preferred news sources. 

At this point, even if Republicans were able to show how and by whom fraud was perpetrated in the various states, and confessions were obtained from Democrat operatives, it is much too late to prevent Biden’s inauguration.  Only a few foolish diehards wish to take the contest to the streets.

For now, the Kraken appears to have retired to his lair.  However, Joseph Biden will take office under a cloud of uncertainty. According to polls, perhaps half of our citizens doubt that he actually won the election.  This cloud of legitimacy may affect Biden’s inclination or ability to make any radical moves that could seriously impact our society.    

Over the next several years, the 2020 election will be investigated and books will be written. Some will argue that Donald Trump actually won the election, while others will try to show that Biden’s victory was legitimate. Questions about election skulduggery may never be fully answered.

In the meantime, let us pray for our new President.  Legitimately elected or not, he is now our leader.  God grant him the wisdom and the courage to do what is best for our nation.

One final note:  Putting aside the question of election fraud, the role of the mainstream media and big social networks in this election was inexcusable – far beyond anything seen before.  These entities were adamantly opposed to President Trump and assailed him with every bit of negativity they could scrape up.  They were visceral in their hate.  Trump brought much of it on himself with his unfiltered comments and his virulent assaults on news reporters, but his enemies did not hesitate to use outright lies and exaggerations to pull him down.  Even worse, their failure to report positive news about Trump’s accomplishments and negative reports about the Bidens constituted journalistic malfeasance of the worst sort.  I am convinced that unbalanced election news coverage cost President Trump votes that would have overcome any and all attempts to manipulate the results.

What America sorely needs is a news source that we can rely on for accurate, unbiased reporting. 

One thought on “Finally Over?

  1. I wonder if the hate for President Trump and supporters will ever be resolved under Biden. Look at what Nancy Poloski and Chuck Schumer are now pursing—another impeachment. Of course, media telling listeners the rioting was all planned by President Trump.. Maybe he will set up his own media source to be followed. I wonder if the Democrats know what is about to happen to them and us when new changes really implemented. Did you see Biden’s recent pick of Cabinet? What about qualifications… Happy Week-end.. Betty Jan 8, 2021

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