Go in Peace!

Many of Trump’s former allies are turning on him.  A few cabinet members and other high officials have resigned. Some accuse him of inciting the recent riots in Washington by his refusal to accept the election results. Trump responds with vicious assaults against these one time friends and supporters of his administration.

I detest fair weather friends.  Trump is the same man he has always been, merciless towards his enemies and quick to condemn anyone, including former allies, who disagree with him.  

It was foolish for Trump to host a protest rally in Washington on the very day Congress was validating the electoral submissions of the several states. He should have anticipated violence.  He egged the crowd on with chants of “Fight for Trump!”, and some took him literally.  Nevertheless, I do not believe he wanted his supporters to storm the capitol.  I’m convinced that he honestly believes he was cheated of victory and feels fully justified in his attempts to overturn the election results. Many agree with him. 

Trump now indicates that he will go quietly on January 20, but that’s not sufficient for those who hate him.  Calls for impeachment are ringing out again.  I believe that would be the height of stupidity and only serve to further divide our country.  Let the man go in peace.

Despite all his warts, there is much that I like about Trump. I will not apologize for voting for him.  If the election was held again today he would have my support.  Today’s Democrat Party is an anathema to me, and I fear its control much more than I fear Trump.

Ever since he won the Republican nomination in 2016,  I supported Trump through thick and thin.  Now, however, I favor new Republican Party leadership as we move toward elections in 2022 and 2024.  Some people will continue to back Trump because he’s a fighter, but I believe the party needs a younger someone with the goals, determination and drive of a Trump combined with a more winsome, less divisive personality.  Rubio and Haley come to mind, but the Republicans have a stable of able candidates.

Thank you, President Trump.  I appreciate all the positive things you have done.  Now it’s your time step aside.  I honor you for your positive contributions to our country.

3 thoughts on “Go in Peace!

  1. Poloski is just dividing our country further. This business of impeachment is all folly.. Media is just adding fuel by inviting Demo. to further the call. Fox also seems to be leaning away from President Trump. I am looking for another media… Betty Jan. 10, 2021

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  2. Everyone around me is hyper ventilating about how Trump should be charged with treason, immediately removed from office and so on. Several have called all the N.C. Senators and Representatives demanding that they immediately remove Trump. I have not expressed my opinion since I feel certain that the vitriol that I would receive would not be a pleasant experience. My thoughts are similar to what you have expressed, especially the reality of the situation that the next President will be swore in just a few days from now. My concern is the role that the national media has contributed to all the anxieties of people with news stories containing the network’s opinions of the Trump administration as opposed to factual reporting. The next concern I have is what news will not be reported by the networks in the future about actions of the Biden administration, giving that group cover for their actions. It’s hard to question the guy with the bullhorn.

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