Adrift in the Ice

This election made me feel very old.  It seems that history has passed me by.  All the old truths once held to be inviolable are being tossed out the window.  My childhood heroes are being reclassified as villains, and social activities and language once considered abhorrent are now thought normal. I have the sensation of having been thrown off the stern of the Titanic as it heads for the iceberg.  The frigid waves lap around me as I and countless other outcasts struggle to stay afloat in the icy sea.

Thank God, I have my faith to keep me swimming. There must be warm, dry land out there somewhere

2 thoughts on “Adrift in the Ice

  1. I feel the same way and (let’s be honest) I am only a few years your junior. Are we experiencing the same mindset of those who have over the centuries been on the loosing side of political change resulting from wars or elections? Examples may be the Scots after Culloden, the South after the Civil War, the French aristocracy after the French Revolution, the Hungarians after the Soviets invaded Hungary. You can probably come up with other examples that might be closer to the point. One must resort to looking forward. After all, as Machiavelli wrote in so many words, do not put your faith and trust in princes.

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