Trouble in Kenosha

Kenosha Riot 2020

How many of you have followed the case of Kyle Rittenhouse, now on trial for murdering two protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin, during the turbulent summer of 2020?

Reactions to the incident and to the trial provide a vivid illustration of the cultural and racial issues that divide America.  Some people consider Rittenhouse a hero for standing up against a mob engaged in arson and other acts of senseless destruction in Kenosha. Others consider him a murderous vigilante.

Certain facts seem clear.  The 17 year-old Rittenhouse acquired a weapon illegally and travelled to Kenosha from nearby Antioch, Illinois, when riots broke out following an officer involved shooting of a black man. Rittenhouse says his purpose was to defend life and property and give first aid to the injured.  His enemies say he came to Kenosha to confront and kill rioters. He shot two men and wounded another during a night of rioting.  Rittenhouse and his victims were all white. Photographic evidence and witness testimony appear to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he acted in self-defense.

The case probably goes to the jury today, November 15.  The militant left is howling for his conviction for murder or manslaughter, and some BLM agitators are threatening more riots if the jury fails to convict. Many conservative commentators favor acquittal.

How is justice best served in this instance?

How will it end?

2 thoughts on “Trouble in Kenosha

  1. Saw these on Twitter about Kyle Rittenhouse situation:
    “As someone from Kenosha, I can tell you we all know what happened and these Rioters were gonna level our city with Explosives the very next day until they got caught at the gas station.”

    Also Twitter: Kenosha Police officer Pep Moretti said “ a war zone is the only way I could describe it. The city was burning and we were surrounded and completely outnumbered.”


  2. I am in concert with Frank J. Fleming who said, “Can we at least agree Rittenhouse had more business being there than the people committing arson?”


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