Reform or Repression?

In recent days there has been much furor over the new Georgia election laws.  The Democrats cry voter suppression, and there are calls for a boycott against the state of Georgia, its people, and the companies headquartered there. The usual liberal coalition is arrayed against Georgia.   Answering the call, major league baseball has decided to move its all-star game from Atlanta to some other place.  President Biden himself approves the boycott.

The situation reminds me of the boycott against North Carolina several years ago in response to that state’s “bathroom law.”   (See my post entitled “A Cautionary Tale.)

But why such furor?  The Georgia law does not strip citizens of their voting rights.  It still provides for early voting, absentee voting, and ensures ample opportunities for in-person voting.

 For Democrats, the major sticking point seems to be the voter ID issue. Under the new Georgia law, an ID will be required for both in person and absentee voting, and it seeks to prevent vote harvesting and voting by persons who do not exist or have moved out of state. What is the problem with this requirement?  The great majority of people already have a valid ID, and those who do not can easily obtain one. 

In national polls, most Americans favor voter ID.  How is it racist to do a better job of ensuring ballot integrity? Critics claim the new law negatively affects African American voters, but that itself is a racist statement.  Do they think Blacks incapable of obtaining a voter ID and casting their ballots?  This appears to be another instance of what George W. Bush referred to as “the soft bigotry of low expectations.”

The Georgia governor says that his state will not give in to the boycott, but the economic pressure may be intense.  Only time will tell who will prevail in this fight.  

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