White Privilege

  White privilege is the societal privilege that benefits white people over non-whites in some societies, even if these non-whites may otherwise enjoy the same social, political, or economic circumstances.  It is thought to have its roots in European colonialism and the slave trade.  Institutions, laws and  practices developed, often subtle, that served to protect white […]

Critical Race Theory

A debate about Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been in the news recently.  Some fear that teaching this theory is being pushed throughout the Federal government and the nation’s military services, and they fear its effect. Critical race theory asserts that white supremacy exists in America and its existence is maintained though the nation’s laws […]

The Leftist Obsession

Conservative political commentator Steven Hayward recently observed that “for the left, it’s racism all the way down. It explains everything, and has to be incorporated into everything now. Except when climate change explains everything, and has to be incorporated into everything.” I would add sexism.  For the left, sexism explains everything that racism and climate […]

Uncomfortable Conversations

A dear daughter-in-law recently responded to my post entitled “The Big Lie.”  In that post I vigorously denied the oft made charge that America is systemically racist.  She suggested that I check out “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man,” to get a reality check.  Well, I checked it out, and this is my response. I […]

The Big Lie

The BIG Lie:   America is systemically racist. Response:  It is absolutely not true.  Yes, there are racists in America, just as there are racists in every nation.  Racists can be black, brown, or white.  It is what is in their hearts that distinguishes the bigots and the haters, not their skin color.  It is true […]

Reform or Repression?

In recent days there has been much furor over the new Georgia election laws.  The Democrats cry voter suppression, and there are calls for a boycott against the state of Georgia, its people, and the companies headquartered there. The usual liberal coalition is arrayed against Georgia.   Answering the call, major league baseball has decided to […]

Tragedy In Minneapolis

On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd suffered death soon after being arrested and restrained by members of the Minneapolis Police Department.  Like most Americans, I was appalled by images of Officer Chauvin with his knee on the neck of a prostrate Floyd as the latter struggled to breathe.  It was a terrible scene, and it […]

The Race Debate

The debate about racism rages on in America.  Many leftist thinkers accuse our nation of being systemically racist.  Is that charge true?  When Barack Obama was elected President in 2008 I was very hopeful that his administration would usher in a period of greater racial harmony.  In fact, the very opposite occurred, and racial relationships […]


Some Democrats and their allies in mainstream media have resorted to portraying Republicans as racists.  Furthermore, no matter one’s race or political affiliation, leftists often label anyone who has the temerity to support Trump as either a racist, an ignorant hick, or an Uncle Tom.  They continue this assault despite lacking any real evidence that […]

Facts About Crime and Policing

As the liberal pundits dominate the media it becomes ever more difficult to disseminate balanced and accurate information. Ideology driven reporters close their minds to facts that are not in accordance with their worldviews, and information that contravenes the prevailing narrative is sometimes suppressed. Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute has studied policing in America […]