Trump: An Evaluation

At this moment the House of Representative is holding hearings to determine if President Trump should be impeached.  I believe it highly likely that the Democrat controlled House will impeach him for pressuring the Ukrainian government to investigate Joseph Biden,  American citizen and potential political opponent in the 2020 Presidential election.  Perhaps Trump is guilty […]

The NFL Player Protests

There has been great controversy about so many National Football League players taking a knee rather than standing during the pre-game playing of our national anthem. The protests began in August 2016 with the decision of Colin Kaepernick to use this method to bring attention to police brutality and the systemic inequality faced by people […]

Race and Racism in America

What is the truth about race and racism in America? It is a difficult subject, and an honest, in-depth discussion of the issue is usually avoided.  Former Attorney General Eric Holder accused us of being a “nation of cowards” for our avoidance of a frank discussion of race in America. Perhaps he was right. Each […]