Rage in Loudon

There has been a great imbroglio in Loudon County Virginia schools of late because of LGBT issues and two reported sexual assaults by a transgender student.  The details are not entirely clear.  Under Federally mandated Title IX regulations, identities and reputations of the possible perpetrator and his/her victims are protected while the facts are investigated.  According to the father of one supposed victim, his daughter was assaulted and sodomized by a student wearing a dress while she was in the school restroom.

Sometime subsequent to this incident, the supposed assailant was transferred to another Loudon County school and has now been accused of a second sexual assault. 

These incidents have caused much distress among some county residents and contribute to the fiery debate about how to handle transgender access to bathrooms and shower facilities.

The raging controversy over Critical Race Theory has also  heightened tensions as many conservative Loudon locals feel threatened by the county school board’s lurch toward the left.

As background, I suggest you read my post entitled “A Cautionary Tale,” published on August 28, 2018 in jordans-journey.com.

The culture wars rage on.

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