Mike Lindell of My Pillow fame has spent a fortune on television pushing the claim that the 2020 election was rigged.  There have been several two to three hour programs on the conservative One America News channel in which Lindell presents some of his evidence.  These presentations are also available on podcasts.

The first presentation was called “Absolute Proof.”  The second was “Absolute Interference.”  Despite the immense expenditure of money required to produce these programs, I must opine that they were rather amateurish.  The format consisted of Lindell acting as program host and interviewing persons described as computer experts along with a few controversial conservative commentators (such as retired Generals Michael Flynn and Thomas McInerney) about the election.  The evidence of election fraud was presented in a disjointed, difficult to follow manner.  Nevertheless, I was convinced that Lindell was absolutely sincere in his belief that the election was stolen, and some of the “proofs” he presented were extremely convincing.

As I understood it, the fraud was preplanned and was perpetrated as follows:

  • Working with the 2010 United States’ census and controlling activities from remotely located computers (mostly in China), the manipulators made certain that a high percentage of the voters in each district were registered to vote.  The number of registered voters mirrored the 2010 population in such a precise way that can only be explained by computer manipulation..
  • Using a different percentage for each age group, the remote controllers then applied a formula to make certain that a fixed percentage of registered voters in each district was shown as having voted.  Since many of these persons do not actually vote, the remote controllers could then intervene and ensure that these non-voters (identified on the basis of past voting history) were shown to have cast their ballots for Biden. Phantom (non-existent) voters were added to the Biden tally.
  • These non-voters and phantom voters existed in every district, and based on a door- to-door survey in one election district, their numbers were often sufficient to tip a district’s vote to Biden. 
  • In certain key districts, votes were switched from Trump to Biden to ensure the latter’s victory.  
  • The same sort of manipulation was also applied to down ballot voting.
  • The formula used to control the registration percentages and the percentage of votes cast by each age group appeared to be identical in every Ohio election district, and perhaps this was true in districts throughout the nation that used voting machines. The make of the machine was usually immaterial so long as it was connected to the internet.

Several computer experts testified to the fact of this manipulation and the use of a precise formula or algorithm to control voting machines.  They said that this control was exercised from locations outside the United States – principally China.  Two or three cyber warfare professionals then provided details about what appeared to be massive interference by Chinese operatives with our voting systems.  This evidence included information on time of the attack, location and identity of the Chinese attacker, location and identity of the American target, and the number of votes affected.

If true, this was a massive attack on the American elections that required much pre-planning. That thought is frightening. Many people will reject Lindell’s claims as so bizarre as to be unbelievable. But even if they are only partially true, the election was tainted and the results are suspect.

I was once classified as a computer scientist, but that was fifty years ago.  Today, I am a technically handicapped observer of the passing scene.  I cannot accurately gauge the accuracy of Lindell’s presentations, but they seemed persuasive to me.  With a good plan and a small cadre of internet computer hackers, the sort of manipulation he described could have taken place. Perhaps the ongoing ballot recount in Maricopa County, Arizona, will give us much-needed clarity.

Meanwhile, the progressive left treats Mike Lindell as a cretinous right-wing nut case.  They do not deal with his evidence.  They only cast stones, and they rail against any suggestion that the election may have been tainted.  Left leaning media outlets censor Lindell and other conservatives when they call for investigations and recounts. If there is nothing to hide, why the obfuscation and foot-dragging?

I admire Lindell’s tenacity and his struggle for what he believes is right.  He has the fervor of a crusader and is sometimes reckless with his charges. Nevertheless, I believe he is a good man, whereas I have little respect for the charlatans who attack him.

I do question Lindell’s faith in the American judicial system. He believes that the Supreme Court will overturn the election and install the rightful winner, Donald Trump.  I doubt that will happen.  The situation is too much like trying to unscramble eggs.  But perhaps it will help us get it right the next time.  I only pray that the progressive radicals do not destroy our nation before we can throw the rascals out.  

2 thoughts on “Proof?

  1. The progressive radicals have control and votes as their mission. Who is going to complain if everything is FREE, and the government will always take care of you. All a person has to do is go to the polls, show appreciation of all the Free ways the government has provided. How can our country survive almost four years of this philosophy? Do you receive my comments, or is everything deleted? I have not heard a reply from you.. Betty April 30, 2021

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