A Man For the Times

When the race for the Republican presidential nomination progressed in 2015-16, my initial favorites were Joh Kasich of Ohio and Mario Rubio of Florida.  I was familiar with Kasich because of his untiring efforts to bring Federal spending under control in the late 1990s.  He had impressed me with his fiscal expertise, and that was combined with a pleasing personality and an apparent sense of humor.  As for Rubio, I liked his appearance, his obvious intelligence, and his life story.

I did not believe that Donald Trump had a chance.  How little I knew.  Nevertheless, when Trump won the nomination I decided he would have my vote.  My support for Trump was tepid, and I did not think he would win; but there was no way that I could cast my ballot for Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party platform.

Now, four years later, I am an enthusiastic supporter of Trump’s reelection.  Despite the man’s obvious warts, I believe he is the right man to lead us in this critical period of American history. 

As for the Democrats, their party has become an abomination – an unhealthy coalition of interest groups all pursuing their own selfish agendas with little regard for the well-being of the nation as a whole. 

The Republican Party has a plethora of young leaders that appear poised and able lead our nation forward.  I cannot think of a single Democrat in whom I can repose that sort of confidence.  I truly wish that was not so.  The nation needs two healthy political parties.

Join me in voting for Donald Trump on November 3rd.  

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