Brazen Defiance?

Washington Post reporter Don Balz stated that the recent Republican Convention “stands out for its brazen defiance of the facts.” Reports from other liberal news outlets echoed the same refrain.  They saw truth being forsaken in the interest of reelecting Trump.

I believe Balz and his fellow reporters must have been watching another convention than the one I observed.  Or perhaps they did not watch at all.  I have followed many conventions over the course of my 91 years, beginning in the 1940s, and in my view this was by far the most interesting and inspiring of them all.  President Trump’s acceptance speech was somewhat pedestrian, but the other speakers were amazing.  Please, Mr. Balz, point out the factual inaccuracies you harp about. 

What I heard was a series of talks from various citizens, most of them non-politicians, who had been favorably impacted in some way by the Trump presidency.  They did a magnificent job making the case for Trump’s reelection.

If Trump himself was a good communicator his reelection would be assured; but he is not, and we must worry.

The Trump haters out there do not want to listen.  They have no facts. Instead, they resort to calumny.

One thought on “Brazen Defiance?

  1. You are a champion of journalism , Sandy! This blog is “right on” calling out someone for his calumny against President Trump and the Republican convention of 2020. BTW, I had to reach for our unabridged websters dictionary for definition of the word calumny ! Thanks !!


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