I do not trust the Black Lives Matter movement. I believe that the organization is led by a coterie of anti-Christian Marxists.

Everyone agrees that black lives matter, as do the lives of whites, American Indians, Asians, etc.  Most Americans also agree that blacks have been unfairly treated by our society, and reforms must be made.  These reforms have been pursued for the past half century, and advancement will continue as people of good will work together to build a more perfect union.

Police are necessary for the protection of the citizenry. Most of them are good people doing a rather thankless job under difficult and often dangerous circumstances.  Unfortunately, some police officers are criminals, racists, rude persons, or simply untrained and incompetent.  The percentage of bad policemen may be quite small, but a few evildoers can create a great deal of havoc. Virtually everyone agrees that we must root out the bad police officers and set higher standards for law enforcement organizations, but we should recognize that we will never achieve perfection.

Nevertheless, we can work together and achieve further progress in the areas of racial relations and criminal justice reform.  We have done it before. I remember the bad days of Jim Crow and Mississippi Burning. How things have changed!  Forward movement sometimes appears to be agonizingly slow, but we continue to advance. Attacking the police, rioting, and destroying symbols of our history are counterproductive and tend to tear the country apart.

What does the Black Lives Matter movement really stand for?  What is their agenda?  What sort of nation do they wish to create?

I doubt that it is the America of our dreams.

America! America!
God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea.

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