Thin Veneer (Short Version)

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  Psalm 111:10

The veneer of civilization that protects us from savagery is very thin.  Those ties that bond us together as a society of law abiding, rational human beings are extremely fragile.



Today, in America, supporters of Antifa and BLM march our streets, assault the police, and attempt to establish a new order.  Our nation has a wonderful heritage of freedom.  America is not perfect, but over time we have made great progress in addressing inequities in our society. More reforms will be coming.  Yet the radicals will never be satisfied. They reject Christianity and attempt to denigrate the religious beliefs and mores that bind our society together.  They have abandoned rational thought and discourse and wish to rewrite our history. Should they succeed, it would lead to absolute chaos and an effusion of blood.  We must stop them before it is too late.

George Washington wrote that religion is the source of morality and “a necessary spring of popular government.”  John Adams insisted that “it is religion and morality alone which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand.” 

If people were perfect we would need no government. Recognizing that we are not angelic beings, our forefathers brought forth a system of government and laws based on God’s principles, yet balanced in a way to allow for human frailty.  But the founders knew that the entire edifice rests on our religious faith – our Judeo-Christian heritage. If, as a body, our citizens turn away from God, the Constitution will not protect us. 

Learn from history, my friends.  Look to the Lord, the author of our liberty.



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