Sell Them the Rope

One interesting fact about the Antifa and Black Lives Matter movements is the support they receive from many of our more affluent citizens.  It is difficult to understand this, but American capitalists and globalists often help fund radical organizations and seem undeterred when their demonstrations turn into riots and mayhem.  These people should realize that, […]

Demons in Blue

A few sobering statistics for Black Lives Matter supporters. Researchers at the Michigan State University and the University of Maryland created a database of 917 officer-involved fatal shootings in 2015.  They recently released the results of their study. All the following statistics were based on that one year study. 55% of the victims of police […]


I do not trust the Black Lives Matter movement. I believe that the organization is led by a coterie of anti-Christian Marxists. Everyone agrees that black lives matter, as do the lives of whites, American Indians, Asians, etc.  Most Americans also agree that blacks have been unfairly treated by our society, and reforms must be made.  […]

Thin Veneer

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  Psalm 111:10 The veneer of civilization that protects us from savagery is very thin.  Those ties that bond us together as a society of law abiding, rational human beings are extremely fragile.   French Revolution In the 1780s France was the leading nation of continental […]


  In these troubled times it is often difficult to discern truth from falsehood.  It is made even more difficult by the all too obvious bias of those who bring us the news.  However, if we assiduously and honestly search for truth we can find it.   The following are truth statements.    First are […]

With Whom Do You March?

  (I owe some of the following thoughts and facts to an article by Fred Lucas recently published in The Daily Signal)   Why do you march? In your anger you shout “No justice! No peace!” What is this justice that you seek?  Derek Chauvin and the other Minneapolis police officers involved in the death […]

The New Jacobins

The Assault on Notre Dame In a recent e-mail to a family member I described the Black Lives Matter movement of today as being somewhat akin to the Jacobins of the French Revolution.  In 1789 there were many groups seeking to reform the French monarchy and create a more equitable system of government. Progress was […]


  Madness is in the air.  Insanity rules in television newsrooms, and many governing officials appear to have lost their ability to think.  Some of our cities tremble on the brink of anarchy. We are all sinners.  We have a wonderful country in which we take pride, but there is no perfect person, nation, or […]