Demons in Blue

A few sobering statistics for Black Lives Matter supporters.

Researchers at the Michigan State University and the University of Maryland created a database of 917 officer-involved fatal shootings in 2015.  They recently released the results of their study.

All the following statistics were based on that one year study.

55% of the victims of police shootings were White, 27% were Black, and 19% were Hispanic.

More than 90% of those killed were armed and threatening either the police or someone else with deadly harm.  An unknown percentage were unarmed but threatened officers with physical violence.

In some instances the victim failed to follow officer instructions, was unarmed but thought to be reaching for a weapon, or was mistakenly perceived to have a weapon in hand.

Nationwide, fewer than 20 Blacks were killed by officers without apparent justification, usually as a result of accident.  Rookie, untrained officers are more likely to be involved in accidental shootings. 

None of the Black killings by police appeared to be deliberate murder.

Some unarmed Whites were also killed by police without apparent justification.  Unlike the killing of an unarmed Black, a White being killed by the police rarely received coverage by anyone other than the local press.

Statistics show that a Black police officer is much more likely than a White officer to kill a Black, and a Hispanic officer is even more likely to do so. Increasing the percentage of minority officers in a police department will probably have no positive effect on the Black death by police rate.  Nevertheless, it should proceed on its own merit.  

Police officers across our nation encounter tens of thousands of  potentially dangerous situations each day.  Violence is endemic in certain parts of our inner cities, and Blacks kill other Blacks at the rate of more than 5,000 per year. The statistics cited above indicate that officers exercise a remarkable degree of restraint as they carry out their duties.  They are certainly not “racist pigs” or “demons in blue” as their enemies appear to delight in calling them.

Gentlemen and ladies in blue, I salute you!

One thought on “Demons in Blue

  1. Sandy, you should know by now that facts simply don’t matter and it’s all about the rhetoric and emotions. In this case, the BLM supporters are relying on over exaggerated White Guilt over slavery, even though many white Americans today had ancestors that came to this country only after slavery had ended, and of those that had ancestors here before the end of slavery, many never owned slaves or were openly opposed to slavery. Think about this, if every American in this country prior to 1861 had been a slave owner, as the BLM supporters want you to think, then the Civil war would never have occurred and slavery would still be in effect today. The American Civil War ended slavery and was the PRICE that Americans, both north and south, paid for slavery. We owe today’s blacks nothing else!

    Perhaps that’s why they really want all of the statues torn down, those statues remind us of the war that we fought against other Americans so that all blacks could be free. Without them, today’s blacks could continue their pretense that somehow they’re OWED something because of slavery.


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