I must confess that I once compared Donald Trump to Benito Mussolini.  It was in 2016 during the Republican primaries. 

As a pre-teen, I became politically aware during the late 1930s, and I well remember the Italian dictator’s frequent appearance in newsreels.  Mussolini would strut up to the podium, tilt his head back and thrust his jaw out, then proceed into a loud harangue that was completely unintelligible to an English-speaking American youth.

Trump reminded me of Mussolini.  It was not what he said. It was his mannerisms.

Nevertheless, I voted for him. I thought the alternative much worse.

Since that time I have come to appreciate and even admire our President.  His enemies have thrown everything possible against him, yet he keeps forging ahead.  He has done great things for our nation, and his accomplishments while under fire are simply amazing.   He deserves a medal for energy, fortitude and endurance.

I cannot understand the depth of hatred that the radical left has toward Trump and his followers.  They tried to delegitimize his Presidency even  before he assumed office. They compare the President to Hitler and picture those who back him as ignorant hayseeds or racists.  When deranged leftist mobs create mayhem in our cities, they falsely blame Trump supporters.  The leftists seem paralyzed by fear of four more years of Trump and are prepared to do anything to unseat him.  Allied with their co-conspirators in the media, they hurl lie after lie against him and have lost all sense of decency and honor.

The thought of these people assuming power appalls me.

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