True or False?

On November 19, 2020, members of President Trump’s legal team appeared before reporters to present their arguments that massive election fraud had occurred and stated their intention to mount legal challenges in state and federal courts.

There were two main lines of attack.  Rudy Giuliani said that there had been many procedural violations in the tabulation of ballots that should invalidate thousands of votes in several key states.  Sidney Powell made a much more serious charges of election fraud on a truly grand scale.  She claimed that foreign and domestic entities had collaborate in manipulating the voting machines used to tabulate election results in many election districts.

These are extremely serious charges.  If true, they should lead to criminal indictments and prosecutions.  If false?

Except for a few affidavits, Giuliani and Powell did not present proof of their allegations.  That sort of proof should be presented in court.  We do not try a case during a news conference.  In the meantime, whether or not you believe their charges is largely dependent on your political persuasion.

As usual, the mainstream media dismissed Giuliani’s and Powell’s allegations out-of-hand.  Even a few conservative commentators had trouble with the implications of Powell’s statements.  Fraud on such a scale is difficult to believe.

Can Giuliani and Powell present evidence that will win in the courts?  Do they have the time required to make their case?

The clock is ticking.   

One thought on “True or False?

  1. I am inclined to believe the charges to be true. Remember how President Trump was tried and convicted by the press over Russian hoax. The search for power is out of control by Demo. Party. I truly hope the charges before the Supreme court will be verified by Giuliani and Powell. If not, a never ending ridicule by Demo. Party…..

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