A Wall of Lies

Today I was talking to a friend.  We usually avoid political discussions.  I know she is a out-and-out liberal, supports Democrat Party candidates, and thinks Trump should be in jail.  Any attempt to change her mind about this would be an exercise in futility.

Today she somehow let loose with her opinion that President Trump belongs in prison.  I responded with the thought that perhaps Joe Biden should have an adjoining cell.  I mentioned the laptop evidence as possible proof of his corruption.  She said that there was no laptop – in other words, she was saying that the changes against the Bidens were spurious. Perhaps she thinks the laptop was planted Russian disinformation.

I was shocked.  I suddenly realized that my friend and I live in two different worlds.  Her world is informed by ABC, CNN, MSNBC and other liberal news sources.  I tune to OAN, Fox News, and read several conservative blogs.  Sometimes I listen to the “other” side, but I am quickly repulsed by what I hear, and I turn them off.

Her ”facts” and my “facts” are entirely different.  I know that much of the news on liberal news is opinionated hogwash.  Many times I have seen instances of left wing commentators seriously distorting the truth.  On the other hand, perhaps my conservative news sources also bend the facts to align with their points-of-view. My own bias may blind me to this.

I try hard to discover the truth.

One thing I am certain about.  A wall of lies divides us. The news media is tearing us apart.  Our nation desperately needs a cadre of journalists that all of us can trust. 

2 thoughts on “A Wall of Lies

  1. Welcome to the world of trying to deal with liberal, progressive Democrats. You simply can not have a rational discussion with them! Even when there is physical Proof of an event such as Hunter Biden’s corruption they still continue to deny it. On the other hand, even when 4 years of Senate and FBI investigations fail to show any collusion between Trump and the Russians, they will still continue to insist that there was. Many Democrats live in a fantasy world that would put ‘Alice in Wonderland’ to shame!


  2. All Democrats repeat the same news about President Trump. They see nothing good in him and can’t wait for Biden to march into the White House. I wonder if the Democrats have ever thought there were over 70 million votes cast for President Trump. Do they believe we will disappear????? Not a chance. Now looking to Georgia and hope Rep., can get majority in Senate. Only hope we have. Let me know if you receive this email.. Betty Nov., 18, 2020

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