I tend to doubt conspiracy theories.  For a major conspiracy to occur it requires involvement on the part of a number of individuals, and that means the likelihood of exposure is very high.  Something as complicated as fixing the outcome of a Presidential election over many states would appear to almost impossible.  Yet, that very charge is being made by Sidney Powell, an attorney fighting on behalf of President Trump.  She insists that voting machines used in tabulating the votes in many states were manipulated to favor the election of Joseph Biden.  She also says that she has a wealth of testimony and other proofs attesting to this fact.

Sidney Powell does not appear to be a wild-eyed conspiracy theorist.  She has had a long and accomplished career as a Federal prosecutor and private attorney, and it seems unlikely that she would jeopardize her reputation for the sake of a lie.  On the other hand, Christopher Krebs, a former Microsoft executive and current director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, characterized Powell’s claim as “nonsense” and a “hoax.” He described the 2020 election as “the most secure in American history,” with “no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes or was in any way compromised.”

Either Powell or Krebs is terribly wrong.

We should soon know who is correct.   Following her explosive charges, Sidney Powell must either put up or shut up very soon.  As a Trump supporter, I want to believe Sidney.

I pray that the truth will come out.

P.S.  Shortly after writing the above, a friend directed me to a You Tube presentation by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurrai, an Indian American scientist.  Dr. Ayyadurrai holds four degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is a Fulbright grant recipient.  Nevertheless, Avvadurrai has taken some controversial positions in the past, and his views are not immune from criticism.

Ayyadurrai and associated computer programmers examined returns from several Michigan electoral districts.  They reported the following.

  •  In a heavily Democratic district, President Trump received slightly more votes than down-ballot Republicans.
  •  In several heavily Republican districts a different but identical pattern developed.  In these districts Trump initially received more votes than other Republican candidates, but at a near identical point in each district’s counting process Trump’s number of votes as compared to the down-vote Republicans began to decline, and the decline was steady and virtually identical in every district.  The more the votes, the greater the divergence.
  •  The mathematical precision of the decline suggests that the voting machines in these districts were manipulated in a very precise and deliberate fashion.
  • It appears that President Trump may thus have been deprived of tens of thousands of legitimate votes in Michigan.

Is Ayyadurrai correct?  If so, did this strange pattern occur in electoral districts in other states?  Should these answers be affirmative, we have experienced voting fraud on a truly massive scale.

That thought truly frightens me.  Can our Federal courts cope with a problem of this magnitude?  Must the final decision be referred to the House of Representatives? 

People on the extreme left hate Trump and his followers with a passion.  Though somewhat more restrained, those on the right have similar feelings about the radical left.

Can we avoid riots and revolution?

One thought on “Conspiracy

  1. I am at the point I don’t know what to believe. How could Sidney Powell state facts she believe to be true without showing concrete evidence? Why isn’t President Trump talking to the country about Corona virus spreading everywhere, and what he plans to do ? Silence is not GOLDEN at this point…. Betty Nov., 17, 2020

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