Pooh! Pooh!

The liberal new media tends to pooh-pooh any proposition or statement of fact that is contrary to its own view of things.  I well remember their reaction to early reports of Hunter Biden’s involvement with Burisma, the Ukrainian Oil Company.  Liberal news pundits, with no attempt to  investigate, vigorously proclaimed that there was absolutely no indication of any impropriety on the part of the Bidens.  They continued to maintain this stance even in the face of accumulating information to the contrary, and solid evidence pertaining to the Bidens’ probable criminal activities was falsely labeled as Russian disinformation.

Now, in the wake of the Presidential election, the mainstream pundits are pooh-poohing any suggestion that there was any skullduggery in the voting.  They proclaim a Democrat victory, press for full speed ahead with the transition, and continue to declare Biden the winner even as more evidence of cheating is uncovered.  Truth is no longer a concern of many news reporters.  They have completely abandoned the journalistic code of ethics.

Voting fraud happens.  Dead people vote.  Illegal ballots are cast.  I know at least one person who cast a fraudulent vote.  It occurred in a state where it made absolutely no difference, but what about those places where a few thousand votes one way or the other might have flipped the outcome. What about you? Are you aware of election cheating? Such things happen in every election, and greater reliance on mail-in balloting in this election doubtless increased the incidence of fraud.  How pervasive was it?  Accounts vary, and we truly do not know. Most seasoned observers appear to doubt ongoing investigations will succeed in overturning contests in enough states to bring Trump the prize, but that is only conjecture.  We cannot allow the liberal press to call the election and pooh-pooh all requests for a full inquiry.

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