Losing a Friend

I am one of many Americans who depend on Fox News for a different perspective. Over the past four years I have seen most major news networks completely abandon any objectivity in their relentless pounding of Donald J. Trump and his supporters.  Fox, on the other hand, continued to be relatively balanced and fair in their news coverage.  Of course, their late evening political commentators are unabashedly conservative.  They defended Trump against the liberal media mob and attacked the radical truth benders.  We need this opposite point of view. I consider Fox a friend.

Recently I detected a change of tone on Fox.  I first began to see it in the Fox Sunday news program with Chris Wallace.  I could discern a growing hostility between Wallace and the President.  My suspicion of Wallace’s objectivity was strengthened by his conduct as moderator in the first Presidential debate, and it was solidified by the newsman’s dismissive remarks concerning solid evidence of Hunter Biden’s nefarious conduct (possibly involving his father) that was discovered on the younger Biden’s laptop.  Wallace threw unjustified aspersions on the reliability of the information and its source.  That definitely convinced me that I could no longer trust Chris Wallace to be an impartial reporter of the news.

On Monday, November 9, Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto cut away from White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany as she spoke at a press conference on behalf of Trump’s Presidential  campaign.  McEnany and other campaign officials made claims that there had been voting irregularities in Pennsylvania, Michigan and elsewhere.  Cavuto said that these charges were being made without evidence, therefore Fox was dropping coverage of the event.  Actually, Trump’s campaign spokespersons made a number of credible charges of election skullduggery on the part of Democrats, and some of these charges were supported by affidavits and eyewitness testimony.  These charges need to be investigated.  Meanwhile, the major news networks joyfully proclaim Biden to be our next President and try to suppress any stories about possible election fraud.   Fox News must not join them in that effort to suppress. In the final analysis, investigations and recounts may or may not change the outcome of the election, but they will help assure the people that it was legitimate.

Mainstream network denizens chortled with glee over Cavuto’s decision to cut away from McEnany’s briefing.  A MSNBC reporter called McEnany a serial liar and proceeded to hurl the usual scurrilous insults at President Trump and his supporters. This so-called news pundit and his fellows dishonor the journalistic profession. Anything that delights these liberal news commentators tends to make me shudder.

As to my opinion of Fox News in general, I grow concerned.  Bret Baer and Martha MacCallum still seem to be fair-minded newspersons, and we still have conservative commentary from Carlson, Hannity and Ingraham.

But will it last?

I would hate to lose a friend.     

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