The Kraken

This is the week in which Sidney Powell says she will release the Kraken.  Perhaps it will be today?  She says Friday at the latest. I thought it well to give you some idea of what we might expect. Looks rather fearsome, doesn’t it. Of course, Powell’s enemies and most political pundits say that her […]

The Clock is Ticking

The next week or so should determine if charges of massive nation-wide election fraud can be substantiated. The liberal media dismisses these charges out-of-hand.  Their dismissal means absolutely nothing.  They also dismissed the Hunter Biden laptop as a fraud, even when there was plenteous corroborating evidence of Hunter’s probably criminal activity.  Investigative reporting appears to […]


I tend to doubt conspiracy theories.  For a major conspiracy to occur it requires involvement on the part of a number of individuals, and that means the likelihood of exposure is very high.  Something as complicated as fixing the outcome of a Presidential election over many states would appear to almost impossible.  Yet, that very […]