The Clock is Ticking

The next week or so should determine if charges of massive nation-wide election fraud can be substantiated.

The liberal media dismisses these charges out-of-hand.  Their dismissal means absolutely nothing.  They also dismissed the Hunter Biden laptop as a fraud, even when there was plenteous corroborating evidence of Hunter’s probably criminal activity.  Investigative reporting appears to be a lost art.

Many conservatives also tend to doubt these charges.  The scale of fraud described by Sidney Powell and some others is so massive as to seem almost impossible.  They are also disturbed by the fact that Powell and associates offer no solid proof.

I too have my doubts.  I instinctively distrust conspiracy theories, and this one is a doozy.

However, let me offer these final closing thoughts.

Even if you dismiss Powell’s charges of computer manipulation, there are many other evidences of election skullduggery in Pennsylvania, Michigan and other places that might have served to flip the election.  These results can be contested.

Lastly, the fact that Powell and friends have not presented any solid evidence means very little at this point.  That sort of evidence should be saved for the court.  If witnesses came forward prematurely they would be absolutely savaged by the liberal media.  If I came forward I would want witness protection. Think of how they hurled baseless accusations against the shop owner in Delaware who turned in  Hunter Biden’s laptop.  Think of how the media treats Giuliani as a shyster and a buffoon.  This is the man they once called “America’s mayor.”

We cannot trust the media.

Soon we should know the truth.

The clock is ticking.   

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