The Gold Curtain

In the time of the Cold War we referred to The Iron Curtain, the barrier between the Communist east and the democratic states of the west.

Today, in the United States, we have what I refer to as The Gold Curtain, a barrier blocking the accurate dissemination of news to the citizens of this nation.  I call it gold because of the immense influence of big money in this process.  The titans of Silicon Valley and the globalists who fatten their portfolios on foreign trade are united in their effort to control the narrative. They own or attempt to  manipulate the major purveyors of the news. Nowhere has their influence been more apparent than in the current Presidential election.

Little over a week ago an enormously significant story broke about corrupt activities by Joseph Biden and son in connection with Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, and other foreign interests. There appears to be overwhelming evidence that the senior Biden may have sold himself to certain enemies of our country.  Material on hard drives, e-mails, corroborating testimony from various witnesses, etc. would seem to prove this to be a fact, and the information is available to any honest investigator.  If true, it is a case of high treason. The case must be immediately investigated and the resulting information made known to the public.  Unfortunately, it is very late in the Presidential campaign, and it may be too late to significantly affect polling results. 

Hiding behind the Gold Curtain, the major news networks have tried to suppress or discredit the story.  They cry Russian disinformation and attack the character and credibility of anyone who has the gall to attack their favored candidate.  The managing editor of National Public Radio, that partly government funded and supposedly neutral arbiter of the news, was even quoted saying that his organization didn’t “want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions.”

As the Gold Curtain descended, millions of Americans were denied access to what is perhaps the most significant story of the century.

As I consider Joe and Hunter Biden, I am reminded of a popular novel and motion picture that came out during the height of the Cold War.  The Manchurian Candidate is the story of how an American soldier was captured, brainwashed, programmed and unknowingly converted into a Communist resource with high political connections.  The term Manchurian candidate thus came to mean a person, especially a politician, being used as a puppet by an enemy power. Sound familiar? This time, however, money is the tool being used to convert – not brainwashing. 

One thought on “The Gold Curtain

  1. Always gain information, of which I was unaware ,while reading your posts. So late in campaign, but this will not be reported with exception of Fox News. I worry about the fact so many people have already voted. Too late to change even if Biden is 100% guilty… I don’t know if silent majority will be enough to win the election for President Trump..WORRY,WORRY. Betty Oct., 27,2020

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