The Tipping Point

There are many clear dividing lines between the Republican and Democrat Parties.  My son Stuart recently discovered one of these dividing lines, and it motivated him to finally and firmly commit his vote to Trump and the Republican Party in this election.

He still finds Trump’s personality and demeanor obnoxious and un-presidential, and he totally disagrees with the President’s stance on Climate Change.  In almost every other area, however, he finds himself agreeing with Trump; and while he thinks the President is a poor role-model for our young people, he appreciates that he at least pays lip-service to those things that Stuart himself believes.

The final tipping point was not Trump’s record, Biden’s questionable health, Hunter’s apparently dishonest activities, BLM & Antifa, the Green New Deal, or the Russian collusion farce.  No, what finally pushed Stuart to a firm commitment was HR7608. All House Democrats except the Squad voted for this bill (the Squad did not think it went far enough).  If the Democrats had held the Senate and the White House, it undoubtedly would have passed.  Section 442 of that bill states that within 180 days of passage it would require the removal of all Confederate monuments, plaques, and memorials from all National Parks and U.S. Government property.    Manassas/Bull Run would consist solely of wind-swept fields.  Seminary Ridge at Gettysburg would be emptied out.  (Perhaps they would leave a marker or two stating “Here is where the racist slavery-loving traitors lined up for their doomed attacked on the 3rd of July, 1863.”)

Now, for my own thoughts on this matter.  The passage of HR7608 by the House Democrats convinces me that the Democrat Party has gone mad.   If you want additional proof, look at HR 5, the Equality Act.  Biden has promised to put it at the top of his agenda. Read this bill and consider its implications.

May the Good Lord protect us from such madness.

P.S.  Full disclosure requires me to admit that my grandfather Clement Hopkins Jordan, CSA, was one of those traitors who lined up for the charge on that fateful July day in 1863.    

One thought on “The Tipping Point

  1. Congratulations to Stuart! If Demo. win the election and control of Senate, will they be able reintroduce and pass HR7608? I had no idea. I can’t figure what is going on. If two thirds of population has already voted and Polls show Biden many % points ahead, how does President Trump believe he can win? I am very discouraged Betty Oct., 23, 2020

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