Death of a Party

It is a sad thing to see a once proud and powerful organization collapse and die before your eyes.  That is what has happened to the Democrat Party.

Some years ago I was proud to call myself a Democrat.

Many people continue to carry the Democrat Party label, but I doubt they realize how far the party has degenerated.  Democrat Party leaders have abandoned everything that the party once stood for.  Instead of patriotism and the rights of the common man, they fight for globalism and big-government socialism. They have embraced an anti-Christian view of societal mores.  They believe in the hand-out rather than a hand-up.  They no longer adhere to the principles upon which this nation was founded and that made America great.

Unfortunately, too many of our citizens are blind to what has taken place.  They still think of Democrats as being the party of the common man and Republicans as being cold-hearted business-men – like Mr. Potter of A Wonderful Life.  The Republican Party is not perfect, but within its ranks there are many bright, hard-working patriots.  They believe in the traditional values and will strive to do what is best for our nation.  I can say the same of very few Democrat politicians.

Please, fellow Americans, open your eyes.  Read the Democrat manifesto.  Do not allow them to lead us on the path to destruction.

Vote Republican on November 3rd!

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