Who Is He?

This is a continuation of the themes expressed in “The Great Enigma”, my most recent post.

Who is Donald J. Trump?

I do not look at our President through worshipful eyes.  I have experienced 91 winters on this old earth, and I am not easily deceived by appearances.  I have seen a few great men, many good men, and some truly evil men.  I also know that the only perfect man last walked the earth some two-thousand years ago.

I became an adult during the administration of Harry Truman, and I have observed thirteen Presidents in office.

President John Kennedy was an unprincipled womanizer, although friendly media types kept that information under wraps during his Presidency.  

President Lyndon Johnson had few moral or political scruples.

President Richard Nixon was a bit paranoid and seem to believe that all things were fair in politics.

President William Clinton appeared desirous of emulating his political hero John Kennedy as a womanizer,  but he was less successful in preventing public exposure.

President Donald Trump is a braggart, often petty, and sometimes vengeful.

I believe that Truman, Eisenhower, Ford, Carter, Reagan, the Bushes, and Obama were all morally upright men, and they conducted themselves in office in an honorable way.

My opinion of their personal characters and behavior does not necessarily correlate with my judgement of their effectiveness as Presidents.  Reagan was my favorite.  He was a great communicator, projected optimism and patriotism, and surrounded himself with capable administrators.  I wish we had another like him.

Truman and Eisenhower also rank highly in my estimation, but Trump is my second most favorite. Despite his obvious character flaws and failures as a communicator, he appears to take the right side on all the truly important issues; and he has successfully dealt with an incredible array of difficult problems while facing down vicious opposition from the so-called progressive left.

As we chose our leader for the next four years, I am reminded of Britain’s plight in May 1940.  In their hour of need they turned to Winston Churchill.  Churchill had many detractors.  His enemies called him a war lover and an alcoholic.  Many held him culpable for the Dardanelles fiasco in World War I, and more recently, as First Lord of the Admiralty, he was blamed by some for the disastrous military failures in Norway.  Lord Halifax was the favorite of many; but everyone knew that Winston Churchill was a fighter, and that was the decisive issue. Thank God they chose him to lead Britain at that moment of supreme crisis.

Trump also is a fighter!  

We are in a desperate conflict with forces that would forever change the face of America.  It is another time of crisis, and Trump in the leader we need in this struggle.

And, in the words of Winston Churchill,

Never give up!     

One thought on “Who Is He?

  1. Your analysis of past presidents matches my opinion, but your precise evaluation shows your incredible ability to converse in an easily understood dialog. Thank you. I just hope President Trump will have self control tomorrow night in dealing with Biden. I believe Demo.stragedy is , early on, get him irritated and he can’t control frustration. Let me know your thoughts after debate!!!! Betty Oct., 21, 2020

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