The Great Enigma

Who is Donald Trump?  Is he a good man, or is he an evil manipulator?  Is he destroying America, or is he building it up?  Who is that person working behind the curtain – a beneficent wizard or the devil incarnate? That is the great enigma.  Never has public opinion been so divided on a public leader, and there are honorable citizens on either side of the debate. 

I along with many others of my friends and family support President Trump.  We recognize his personality quirks and sometimes offensive remarks, but we generally approve his actions in responding to the major issues confronting our nation.  Indeed, many of us believe him to be exceptionally effective as a chief executive. Some persons are blind worshipers of the President, but those people represents a very small percentage of his supporters.  There are other backers who appear to be more motivated by their fear of the Democrats than by love of Trump.

On the other side, there are many Americans who absolutely detest President Trump and would vote for virtually any candidate who opposes him.  Some of these Trump haters are also my friends and family members, and I respect their sincerity and their intelligence. To the best of my understanding, I will attempt to examine their opposition to the President.

First, they are offended by his swaggering braggadocio and his offensive remarks about others.  In response, I say that many Trump supporters are also often disturbed his words, but we contend that it is more important to judge the President by his actions, and we generally approve of the things he had done.

Some Trump opponents continue to accuse Trump of colluding with Russia.  An exhaustive multi-year probe of the President found no evidence of collusion.  That issue should finally be put to bed.

Trump has been charged with mishandling the Covid-19 crisis.  Perhaps some criticism is justified, but thus far no one has articulated a plan that would have been more effectual.  When suggesting solutions, one must be aware that we work under a federalist system. We still have much to learn about this pandemic, there is contradictory advice from the medical experts, and I believe that Trump has been transparent and generally successful in his response.

Others accuse Trump of being a racist.  What is the proof of this?  I see no evidence of racism on his part.  Of course, his opponents try to twist some of his often careless remarks to show bigotry but fail to consider his many actions that have been beneficial to the Black and Latino communities.

Finally, a few Trump haters evidently believe that the President is ready to defy the Constitution in an attempt to hold on to power should he lose the 2020 election.  This is a wicked charge.  Voting anomalies are likely, and there may be a contested election, but in the final analysis I feel certain that Trump will abide by a Supreme Court decision should one be necessary.  How will Biden and Harris respond to a contested election?

There is little enthusiasm for Joe Biden as President.  A vote for Biden is more often a vote against Trump.  Unfortunately, many voters fail to recognize the threat the Democrat agenda poses to the nation’s economic and social order.  Also, I become more and more convinced that Biden is a thoroughly corrupt politician who has enriched himself and his family while in public office.  Read my previous post “Do You Know Joe”, and then check out the recent revelations about the Bidens in the New York Post.

America’s opinion of President Trump is strongly influenced by his treatment in the mainstream media.  Media magnates and most mainstream reporters and writers appear to dislike Donald Trump intensely, and their attitude is reflected in their reporting.  Only Abraham Lincoln received more bad press than Trump, and our President continues to pile up the negative points. Those like me who support President Trump often feel that we are swimming against the tide.  My arms and legs grow weary, and I look forward to crossing the finish line on November 3rd

For America’s sake, I pray for victory for Trump and the Republican Party.     

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