Missing in Action – the FBI

On December 9, 2919, a shop-owner in Wilmington, Delaware, turned over a computer hard drive to agents of the FBI.  The computer had been left for repairs in early April, but it had never been picked up despite repeated calls to its owner, Hunter Biden.  The shop owner then examined some of the drive’s content and became concerned that it contained evidence of criminal activities.  He contacted the FBI.

Months passed, and the shop owner never heard back from the FBI, Eventually he made a copy of the hard drive available to Rudy Giuliani’s attorney.  Giuliani and his attorney examined some of the hard drive’s contents and then passed a copy to the New York Post.  Within the last few days the Post has posted a series of stories based on this material.  The information contained therein strongly suggests that Joe Biden and his son Hunter engaged in highly questionable and possibly illegal activities in collusion with Chinese, Russian, and Chinese operatives.

Where is the FBI?  They have been in possession of this information since December of last year, and it might have had a significant impact on Trump’s impeachment trial and the present Presidential campaign.  The renowned law enforcement agency is strangely missing in action.  This adds to growing concern on the part of many Republican legislators about high-level management in the FBI.  Even with JamesComey, Peter Strzok and others gone, it appears that there may still be some Trump haters ensconced in position of power within that organization.

We need the FBI to step up and report its findings.        

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