The Gold Curtain

In the time of the Cold War we referred to The Iron Curtain, the barrier between the Communist east and the democratic states of the west. Today, in the United States, we have what I refer to as The Gold Curtain, a barrier blocking the accurate dissemination of news to the citizens of this nation.  […]

Missing in Action – the FBI

On December 9, 2919, a shop-owner in Wilmington, Delaware, turned over a computer hard drive to agents of the FBI.  The computer had been left for repairs in early April, but it had never been picked up despite repeated calls to its owner, Hunter Biden.  The shop owner then examined some of the drive’s content […]

Sound the Claxon!

Sound the claxon!  Raise the alarm! Do not allow your favorite news sources to deceive you Day by day it becomes more apparent that the Democrat Party nominee to become President of the United States is a corrupt politician of the worst sort.  Our nation might survive a weak and dishonest man at the helm, […]


Information extracted from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop continues to be released, and it exposes a web of political corruption involving Joseph Biden as well as his son.  It appears that a formal investigation should be initiated.   So far, most major news networks have avoided the story, and there has been no direct response from […]


For more than a year reports have been swirling around less well-known news channels and the blogosphere about shady dealings by Hunter Biden, Joe’s son, with a corrupt Ukrainian oil company and with Chinese communist operatives.  This began while Joe Biden was Vice President. Considerable amounts of money were involved, and some of these reports […]